Various ‘PercTrax Vs PoleGroup Pt.1’

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Artists: Various
Tracks by: 
Reeko, Sawf, Perc, Christian Wünsch
Title: PercTrax Vs PoleGroup Pt.1
Label. PoleGroup
Format. Vinyl & Digital
Cat.Number. PoleGroup 019
Release Date. 11/11/2013 (Vinyl), 18/11/2013 (Digital)
Distribution. Triple Vision
A1. Reeko – Recharger
A2. Sawf – Trivoli
B1. Perc – 405
B2. Christian Wünsch – Alpha Particle

Perc Trax vs. PoleGroup is a collaboration between Perc‘s imprint Perc Trax and PoleGroup, in which each of the labels champions their recognizable dark techno sound, with their own clear vision of the current techno scene.

The collaboration has already got off to a good start with several successful showcases at the infamous Tresor club in Berlin, with guests including Perc, Óscar Mulero, Reeko, Truss, Exium, Ancient Methods and many more.

As well as the showcases, the labels will be exchanging artists for two releases. The first installment is a four-track EP with Reeko and Christian Wünsch representing PoleGroup and Perc Trax label head Perc together with Greek pro- ducer Sawf doing the job for Perc Trax. This EP is scheduled to be released at the beginning of November.

To celebrate the collaboration and to kick off of the „versus“ series, we are giving away, starting 28/10/13, free downloads by Reeko and Perc on

The second installment is due out in December on Perc Trax featuring Óscar Mulero, Exium, Forward Strategy Group and Manni Dee.



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