Various ‘PoleGroup 5YRS Box Set’

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PoleGroup-BOX1-ArtworkArtist: Various
Title: PoleGroup 5YRS Box Set
Label: Pole Group
Release Date: April 16th 2016
Disc 1
A1 / 01. Architectural – Sorrow
A2 / 02. Tripeo – Lugom
B1 / 03. Kessell – Prana
B2 / 04. Kwartz – Simulacrum
Disc 2
A1 / 05. Oscar Mulero – Genetix
B1 / 06. Exium – Biolag
B2 / 07. Jonas Kopp – M31 (Reeko Remix)
Disc 3
A1 / 08. Christian Wunsch – Emission Lines
A2 / 09. Spora – Critical Consequence
B1 / 10. Tensal – PGB5A
B2 / 11. Exium – Nucleoid (Lewis Fautzi Remix)
Disc 4
A1 / 12. Developer – No Introduction
B1 / 13. Oscar Mulero – Horses (Exium Remix)
B2 / 14. P.E.A.R.L. – Memoria (Oscar Mulero Remix)
Disc 5
A1 / 15. Reeko – Electrical Phenomena (Remake)
A2 / 16. Christian Wunsch – Radioactive Decay (Tripeo Remix)
B1 / 17. Lewis Fautzi – Centaurus A
B2 / 18. Perc – Body Con

In 2015 PoleGroup turned five, a milestone which will be celebrated with a special anniversary limited edition box and several exclusive showcases all around Europe. Let’s bid welcome to PoleGroup 5YRS.

To celebrate this milestone, PoleGroup will be launching 250 units of an exclusive box which includes five vinyls of original tracks and remixes, all carefully curated by the members of PoleGroup Records. To fan’s delight, the release will be complemented by two commemorative slipmats, a poster with the PoleGroup 5YRS artwork and stickers.

The artists that will appear on the special edition vinyls are: Architectural, Christian Wünsch, Tripeo, Developer, Exium, Jonas Kopp, Reeko, Kessell, Kwartz, Lewis Fautzi, Oscar Mulero, P.E.A.R.L., Perc, Spora and Tensal.

Aside from the special launch, we have already started celebrating with some of the PoleGroup showcases that will mark this event. Three events took place, 1 in August ‘15 in the legendary club Florida 135, 2 in December ’15 on 26th and 29th in Radion, Amsterdam, and Tresor, Berlin. 1 event is still coming up on may’16 in “Concrete” Paris.

The label, originally launched by Oscar Mulero in 2004 as Pole Recordings, was relaunched in 2010 as a platform consisting of a label and a booking agency. With this new platform, Oscar Mulero, Exium, Reeko and Christian Wünsch joined forces to create an alliance that embodies one of the most interesting projects in both the national and international musical scenes.

During its five years of existence, the original team have been joined by other artists such as Kwartz, Lewis Fautzi, Jonas Kopp, Pfirter or Tripeo, as well as side projects by the founders, which turns the endeavour into a venture with quality as a standard.

Currently the label has thirty seven releases under its belt, including four full studio albums and three CD mixes consisting of unreleased tracks and AINE, a new digital label from PoleGroup that came out at the end of the last year.


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