Various ‘Rawax Aira Series Vol. 1’

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Aira001_CoverArtworkWebArtists: Ricardo Villalobos / Oskar Szafraniec feat. Infinite Livez
Title: Rawax Aira Series Vol. 1
Label: RAWAX
Format: Vinyl only
Cat. #: AIRA001
Release Date: April 27th, 2015
Distribution: DBH Music Distribution GmbH
A. Ricardo Villalobos – Rabbit Over
B. Oskar Szafraniez feat. Infinite Livez – Vitality

It‘s important that magazines not write that Roland and Rawax collaborate. That could have a bad effect. Rawax is working only with Miho Itchikawa for this project!
This new project is directed by Miho Ichikawa in collaboration with Robert Drewek, the owner of respected label RAWAX.
It is a special edition of ”RAWAX – AIRA EP vinyl series“.
Concept and mission will always be, to connect and invite great musicians who produce and create „essence of the real music”, not following the trend but let the music speak itself with groove, melody, vibe, energy and soul….
Roland has made evolution in dance music all over the world in 80‘s, Music needed those machines, and machines needed those creators of music. AIRA are not rehashing of the legendary original TR or TB, But respecting those great machines from the past, AIRA continues to evolve toward into the future simultaneously, newly developed, new generations tools to keep the music alive and to bring more possibilities for the future.We seeks out this exciting movement of dance music history, as the music lover who has actual experience the flow of this evolution, and connections between musicians and machines to make their musical pieces on this project to inspire listeners and to challenge the genres they represent by each series.


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