Various ‘Replicants’

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INNER010-ArtworkArtist; Various
Title: Replicants
Label: Inner Surface Music
Cat. #: INNER010
Format: 2×12″
Release Date: November 16th, 2015
A1. Sleeparchive – ‘Plates’
A2. O/H – ‘All Flesh’
B1. Perc – ‘Hiding From Carl’
B2. Honzo – ‘Dissociated Identities’
C1. Gaja – ‘Noys Lambent’
C2. Takaaki Itoh – ‘Present’ 02:46
D1. Ontal – ‘Spasm’
D2. Sturqen – ‘Cota’

Inner Surface Music presents Replicants – INNER010 from Andrea Familari /// FAX on Vimeo.

Inner Surface Music are very proud to present our 10th release, we mark the occasion with a double pack compilation ‘Replicants’. Our secret agents for this mission are Sleeparchive, O/H, Perc, Honzo, Gaja, Takaaki Itoh, Ontal and Sturqen.

Sleeparchive starts the journey with ‘Plates’, a stone cold techno vision with an industrial aesthetic of concrete filled textures and tension setting a dark paranoid atmosphere..
O/H slow the tempo with ‘All Fresh’ but not the intensity, the track has rhythmic noise and acid elements twisting to the mutated punk vocals and kick drums.
Perc heads straight into a black hole with ‘Hiding From Carl’, thunderous kicks and percussion set the controls for the centre of the dark star as we drive towards the white light and the noise rises.
Honzo’s alien like ‘Dissociated Identities’ grooves with slow mechanical distorted drums and laser like sequences as metallic guitars and strings soar into the stratosphere.
Gaja transports us into a parallel universe with ‘Noys Lambert’, techno for time travellers, rugged drum machines and battle weapons propel us into the trajectory of the geometric sequence patterns and sonic waveforms.
Takaaki Itoh transports us back to the ‘Present’, bass oscillations metamorphose around the kick drums and syncopated percussion. Slithering its way into the darkest depths of the underworld.
Ontal go out on full attack with ‘Spasm’. Industrial oldschool drums crash and bang to the rave fuelled sirens demolishing and pulling every structure in it´s path apart.
Sturqen finish the journey with ‘Cota’, industrial landscapes fuelled with cyber punks and narcotic rages set the scene, with distorted guitar riffs and broken machine drums entering the final void.


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