RTSCV5Artist: Various
Title: Retrospective Vol. 5
Tracks by: 
Roberto Capuano, Saso Recyd, Flavio Diaz
Label: Loose Records
Release Date: July 2014
Cat. #: RTSCV5
1. Roberto Capuano – Control
2. Saso Recyd – G.O.D.
3. Flavio Diaz – Taipan

LOOSE RECORDS is proud to introduce RETROSPECTIVE – a celebration of our first thirty releases by Europe’s top, underground techno artists. Coming from a broad berth of influence, RETROSPECTIVE represents the past, present, and future of European techno. Our DJs take electronic music to a new level with orchestral experimentation and their fusion of cross- genre. RETROSPECTIVE will be available on vinyl, digital, and as a collection on a mixed CD.

RETROSPECTIVE vol. 5 features tracks by Roberto Capuano, Saso Recyd, and Flavio Diaz.

“Control” (Roberto Capuano) begins with a quarter time drum beat that centers around a high hat track. Shortly following the introduction, the melody kicks in. Drawn through a remixer, haunting lyrics join the track, “Do you know why you’re here? Do you think you have control?” This track would be an ideal candidate for not only underground clubs and outdoor festivals but as soundtrack for any video game, regardless of genre.

“G.O.D.” (Saso Recyd) is a fun, upbeat track that would delight any attender at a club. The song opens with the sensation of almost being on a spaceship. Soon, the synthesized melody adapts a circular tinny sound. The piece experiments with unusual noises. It sophistication and patience gives way to a versatile, stand alone, feel-good anthem.

“Taipan” (Flavio Diaz) is a dangerous, exciting instrumental track. True to its snake-inspired name, Diaz uses a static hissing sound to complement the beat. The cymbals rattle, offering even more reptilian inspiration. The energy of the track leads it to be a flawless anthem for any festival, concert, or club. It would amplify any DJ’s set list and also serve as a nice base for a mash up.


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