Various ‘Retrospective Vol. 3’

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RTSCV3Artist: Various
Title: Retrospective Vol. 3
Tracks by: Spektre, Hollen, Audiomatiques
Label: Losse Records
Release Date: June 2014
Ca. #: RTSCV3
1. Spektre – Outpost
2. Hollen Clips
3. Audiomatiques – A Line

LOOSE RECORDS is proud to introduce RETROSPECTIVE – a celebration of our first thirty releases by Europe’s top, underground techno artists. Coming from a broad berth of influence, RETROSPECTIVE represents the past, present, and future of European techno. Our Artists take electronic music to a new level with orchestral experimentation and their fusion of cross- genre. RETROSPECTIVE will be available on vinyl, digital, and as a collection on a mixed CD.

“Outpost” (Spektre) is a versatile anthem that encompasses several genres into a cohesive piece. The beginning gives the impression of a clock, the drum track falling in time with a circular melody. With the progression, the song doesn’t lose that sensation of time as it intensifies, commanding the full attention of the listener.

“Clips” (Hollen) is a delightful track that would welcome anyone into a club. The intro has a beat that’s easy on the ears, progressively building with intensity and pace. Soon, Hollen plays with pitch, bringing the melody through scales experimenting with a mixer. With a heavy bass line, the song intensifies but not overwhelmingly so near its conclusion.

“A Line” (Audiomatiques) opens with a throbbing, deep bass that fully commands the attention of the listener. Soon that heaviness is joined by cymbals and high hats. A rattling is pulled through a remixer to welcome a slightly faster tempo and more experimental sounds. The tightness of the song and crisp distinction of these tracks make it an ideal candidate to be remixed although it is a fantastic stand alone piece.

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