Various ‘Retrospective Vol. 4’

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RTSCV4Artist: Various
Title: Retrospective Vol. 4
Tracks by: Paride Saraceni & Dema, Mars Bill, and Raffaele Rizzi.
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: RTSCV4
Release Date: July 2014
1. “La Rocca” – Paride Saraceni & Dema
2. “Get Back” – Mars Bill
3. “Orion” – Raffaele Rizzi

LOOSE RECORDS is proud to introduce RETROSPECTIVE – a celebration of our first thirty releases by Europe’s top, underground techno artists. Coming from a broad berth of influence, RETROSPECTIVE represents the past, present, and future of European techno. Our Artists take electronic music to a new level with orchestral experimentation and their fusion of cross-genre. RETROSPECTIVE will be available on vinyl, digital, and as a collection on a double CD.


Track Description:

“La Rocca” (Paride Saraceni & Dema) starts with a light melody, high in pitch and moderately fast. The clapping mixed with a faint bell-sound is enticing as the cymbals are slowly introduced. After the intro, a deep, melodic base is introduced, slightly off-beat with the high hats. A faint chord production is introduced though a mixer. As the song nears its final quarter, the tempo and intensity picks up, the tone much heavier and deliberate. This track would be an ideal fit as soundtrack for a strategic, action video game while an enjoyable treat for the electronic music listener.

“Get Back” (Mars Bill) boldly begins with a collision of cymbals that quickly move into a high hat orchestration. Reminiscent of the roots of jungle, this intent track isn’t for the faint of heart. The power of the piece closes around the listener as the song circulates through a remixer, introducing some experimental songs as it builds upon itself. With the throbbing, pulse-like nature of the song, it would serve several purposes–be it a feature at a large festival, an underground club, or a soundtrack for film or videogame production. It would also be an ideal track to remix.

“Orion” – (Raffaele Rizzi) delights its listener from the very title, Orion, which can be applied to the constellation or the huntsman in Greek mythology. Beginning with almost a tom-tom that grows into a traditional drum kit run through a synthesizer, the track takes classic instruments and provides a new, unique twist to them. A male vocal sample merges into the song, subtle enough to be a part of the beat rather than an exclusive concentration. This track would appeal to many DJs for its remix potential. It would also be very welcoming at clubs.


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