Various ‘Retrospective’

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RTSCV1Artist: Various
Title: Retrospective
Tracks by: NHB, MinicoolBoyz, Tom Hades, Junction Hands, Rino Cerrone, Markantonio
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: RTSCV1
Release Date: June 2014
Tracklist :
1. “D.A.T.A.” (Junction Hands Mix) – Rino Cerrone, Markantonio
2. “Acrylic” – NHB, MinicoolBoyz
3. “You and I” – Tom Hades

LOOSE RECORDS is proud to introduce RETROSPECTIVE – a celebration of our first thirty releases by Europe’s top, underground techno artists. Coming from a broad berth of influence, RETROSPECTIVE represents the past, present, and future of European techno. Our DJs take electronic music to a new level with orchestral experimentation and their fusion of cross-genre. RETROSPECTIVE will be available on vinyl, digital, and as a collection on a mixed CD.

RETROSPECTIVE Vol. 1 features tracks by Junction Hands (the collaboration of Rino Cerrone and Markantonio), NHB, MinicoolBoyz and Tom Hades.

Track Description:

“D.A.T.A.” (Junction Hands Mix) is a subtle and mature track that invokes all senses. Junction Hands has the confidence and experience to utilize simplicity to create a powerful, magnificent track. Playing with synthesizers and a mixer, the beat circulates and builds, drawing the listener into another world. The drum track fades in and out of the foreground, always present and perfectly accompanying the melody. Fans of techno will love dancing to this. It could also serve well as a video game.

“Acrylic” (NHB, Minicool Boyz) starts with a throbbing bass drum beat and high hat. The synthesizer brings in new elements, a progression of chords that lead way to a sudden blast of a female vocal. The throbbing beat is relentless, constantly progressing and changing, avoiding predictability while maintaining a cohesive theme. This would be an ideal track for a festival. It also would appeal to underground clubs.

“You and I” (Tom Hades) begins with a mellow opening, like a merge of soft jungle with some old school European groove. There’s a faint growth as the drum track picks up. Seamlessly, the drum track moves to the foreground as Tom Hades experiments with unique sounds and introduces a male vocal track that commands the attention of the listener. This would be an ideal club anthem that could have a broad range of exterior interest, perhaps at festivals and certainly a wide appeal for international radio.


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