Various ‘Scouting Vol.1’

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lr036Artist: Various
Title: Scouting Vol.1
Label: Loose Records
Release Date : 15.12.2014
Cat. #: LR036

Loose Records’ mini-album “Scouting” is set to be released as a labor of love for the Italian label run by Mario Manganelli and Rino Cerrone. Already known around for the world for their high quality of electronic music, this new project represents the label’s desire to give new international talents the attention they deserve. This album collects the best of the demo tracks Loose has received from artists around the globe, giving listeners a chance to witness exciting and uncharted territories being mapped out by today’s new musical talents.

1 Weska “Crash” – The beat on this track gets started out of the gate, but does not remain alone for long before it is interspersed with quick bursts of sound. Weska adds more and more layers to the song, adding a unique complexity with rushing effects and vocals to bring a sensual, hip-rocking sort of essence. Classic high hat effects play well with the thrum of lower tones and set a strong base for the rest of the song to play at full capacity all the way to the outro.

2 Paco Marcelo “In Door” – This track has less of an intro and more of an insistence to get going right this second with bass that pounds the ground, announcing a beat that’s faster than most artists would dare to try so early in the song. Higher pitched drums soon join in and get accompanied by a synthesized clap that really gets the party going here. Marcelo climbs higher still with even faster drum work that comes off like a countdown as the pace quickens even more. An interesting interjection of effects that come off like swarming bees and alien-like warping pitch the pace into more resounding claps. The entire arrangement, as complex as it is, never ceases to boost a chorus that makes it very easy to want more of the same.

3 Madson Scaut “Moonstruck” – Snapping high hats follow an intro that booms on to the scene with “Moonstruck.” Scout displays a penchant for experimentation as a crash of even more drums lays the groundwork for exploring new depths, rifling among bouncing low tones that only compliment the darker, though upbeat, melody here. The bridge brings in some truly cavernous echoes, transforming the song into a cavern through which the bass finds new lows to bounce off of and return a darkness that loses none of the upbeat melody. The journey snaps back at the end, returning to the snapping beat of the intro while leaving us with something like the quickened heartbeat listeners are sure to be feeling as well.

4 Guve “4 papers” – This is the kind of song that will either make you start driving faster or dial your body into the beat of a good, head-bobbing intro track. This track wastes no time in escalating its energy with a bassy voice effect towards a rushing wash of sound. The arrangement gives the listener the feeling of rushing down a tunnel until the real work of the beat begins about a third of the way in, at which point the song grows with a pitch that is almost angelic before a chopped-and-screwed voice drops us back into the dance-ready beat.

5 Alessan Main, Toni Varga “Suspenso Drivik” – Varga and Main bring a welcome interest in finding new sounds to experiment with in this new track. The song starts with a low, thumping bass beat before partnering with lighter sounds that sound like bamboo drums, then rocks rolling down a hill. Both of effects drive the song toward what approaches the common EDM high, but avoids the cliché with a ghostliness that breathes fresh air into even more new territory and a voice that cajoles the wash of rising sound to new heights.

6 Luca Marchese “Move Your Body” – This song opens up immediately to surround the listener with sounds like the walls of an enormous heart. The beat thuds through chambers that then get pushed up with a high hat drumbeat that builds and keeps building wonderfully. The pacing then proceeds to explore the floor again, right before a lighter channeling of tinny drums precedes a new wash of sound. One wishes that more songs could have this kind of dual experimentation and energy, doubling up both to probe areas that resound with authority and a dedication to getting bodies moving.


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