Various ‘Scouting Vol. 3’

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lr046Artist: Various
Title: Scouting Vol. 3
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: Lr046
Release Date: 24-08-2015

“Scouting Vol. 3” delivers on Loose Records’ mission to bring well-deserved attention to today’s great electronic music artists from around the world. Management and A&R continue to pursue their passion of taking a cross-section of what the contemporary scene has to offer, and then sharing the best of what they find with a global audience. This newest volume brings together new tracks from Alex Smott, Kostha, Elio Kenza, George Adi, The Rares, Pitt Larsen, IDR3N, Juan Ddd, Smilk, and Tubeck, all of whom bring their own signature strengths to make this a collection to remember.

Alex Smott, Kostha, Elio Kenza “The Naos” – This highly danceable, upbeat track shows genuine complexity quickly, haunted as it is by a multi-faceted approach the DJ duo brings to the table. Darker rhythms get churned up as the track escalates to the bridge, creating winding tornados of sound that wind across the track, but only add strength to the tempo at work here.

George Adi “Rakette” – High hats get tapped with vigor at the intro here, playing well with the underlay of gentler sounds that lift the listener with an expertly executed subtlety. This approach makes for a beginning that is incredibly inviting with its gentle technique, which then delivers on the promise of bringing more to the base it builds from the start. The momentum is kept up with lots of echo effects, tinny chattering, and a consistent tone that draws an enjoyable ride from the beginning to the end.

Juan Ddd, Smilk “Hills” – A snapping party of tinny cymbals and claps rushes out from the intro here, right before in trance influences and some fun drumming interludes bring a varied sound to the track. Echoing vocals play well with the heavy presence of drums along this particular journey, making for an arrangement that takes percussion on a new ride under the expert guidance of the track’s duo.

Pitt Larsen, INDR3N “Wow” – “This music made me feel free” stands out as the best lyric on this track, a sentiment that reflects the lively, energy-packed spirit at work during the entire song. Effects ranging from squishing, rubberized beats to cavernous bass drums rebound across each other before vocals, played through mechanical filters that bring a robotic tone to them, completing the picture of liberating escapism that the DJs revel in here.

The Rares “Pressure” – A tremendously effective interplay of deep beats bounce across tittering instrumentals on this track, splicing crispness with beats that keep listeners on their toes from the get-go. As high-stepping as the tempo gets here, there’s room for all kinds of fun effects, from the echoing slosh of long metallic rhythms to slicing synthesizers, each taking their turn to bring plenty of good times to this track.

The Rares “Brick Wall” – Never settling for the usual ride, this track kicks itself up by showing what an artist can do with ambience effects in an upbeat context. After establishing a steady rhythm, the halfway mark here surges into exciting new territory for this genre, showing how healthy experimentation can bring some true audible treats with it.

Tubeck “Escalate” – A deep beat pounds out of the intro here, hitting hard as the song is pushed forward by vocal pieces that vary from ghostly to declarative. The popping undertones on high hat drums scale upwards on a whirlwind that leads into almost complete stillness, right before dropping back into more old school-inspired techno samples. The track then rockets off again into rhythms that could find a comfortable home on any playlist, from the jungle-inspired to straight-up techno parties.


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