Artist: VariousPoleGroup13
Title: Selección Natural n.º 6
Tracks by: Oscar Mulero, Reeko, Christian Wünsch & Exium
Label: Pole Group
Cat. #: PoleGroup13
A1 – «Reverberation» – Oscar Mulero
A2 – «No Sign Of Weakness» – Exium
B1 – «Sleeper Cell» – Christian Wünsch
B2 – «Lynx» – Reeko

Our Selección Natural compilation series is back in shape with this 6th instalment, featuring as always music from our all star team: Oscar Mulero, Exium, Christian Wünsch and Reeko.
Four fine cuts of futuristic techno, each one with its own particular mood and feel. The release starts with “Reverberation” by Oscar Mulero; an intense workout beginning with a straight and dark beat, salted with precise sub bass frequencies. The track grows and evolves till FM bass galore takes over and synth drums and white noise infect the arrangement, taking intensity to peak levels.
Exium show their electro side in the second track “No sign of weakness”. They depart from 4×4 beats on behalf of broken beats with an industrial flavour and the traditional drones, dark atmospheres and moving arrangements they are known for.
Christian Wünsch reveals his darker side in “Sleeper Cell”, based on an enormous kick, side by side with sharp hats, digital percussions and dark and sticky noises.
“Lynx” is Reeko’s input into this 12′. Complex and intricate rhythms, thick textures, multiple layers of drums and a constantly evolving structure; dark and sharp at the same time.
An excellent sample of contemporary techno created by four of the best European producers of the moment. Don’t miss it.


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