Artist: Various7524_tartelet-contemporary
Title: Tartelet ‘Contemporary’
Label: Tartelet Records
Release Date: 06.08.2012
01. Muff Deep – Elevator Fling
02. Kenton Slash Demon – Daemon
03. Samuel Andre Madsen – Ur Eyes
06. MHM One – Not Sure I understand
07. Acid Woman – No Country For Old Men
08. 2400 Operator – The Feelin
04. James Braun – Passages
05. Brandt Brauer Frick – Melancholie II
09. Mikkel Metal – Long way
10. Andrea Fiorito – Audio xx

Because everything is fleeting, transient and elusive, the past a blurry memory and the future nothing more than speculation, we’ve gathered 10 tracks by 10 artists that resonate neither the future nor the past, but the here and the now.
Tartelet ‘Contemporary’ is an ode to the contemporary beat. 9 of 10 tracks were produced for this album, which revolves around a musical moment in time, the year 2012. From Kenton Slash Demon to Brandt Brauer Frick, James Braun to 2400 Operator, this is an eclectic cross-section of Tartelet artists who like to keep it current.

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow us to take you by the hand and open a revolving door into sweet, beat-driven oblivion.

Welcome to Tartelet Contemporary.

Muff Deep -‘Elevator Fling’

Muff Deep consist of Tartelet’s own Emil Margetli Nyholm and Mathias Mesteño, two fellow nihilists with a shared passion for old school erotica. On ‘Elevator Fling’ they come correct with avant-garde disco containing a subtle erotic dance floor vibe and a slight sprinkling of Jane Fonda.

Kenton Slash Demon -‘Daemon’

One half of electronic indie outfit When Saint Go Machine, and the flagship on the Copenhagen house scene, these masters of the versatile beat deliver vibrant, young indie-cosmic sounds referencing Alice Coltrane and Dinosaur L. While impatiently waiting for new material, we dare to rerelease ‘Daemon’ because it’s just that good!

Samuel Andre Madsen – ‘Ur Eyes’

Samuel is a young man who dares to have faith in his own beliefs. This leads him into effervescent and energetic house music, an indisputable fact, which can be quite clearly heard in this uniquely classic track.

James Braun – ‘Passages’

James Braun has been shaping sound since way back in the early 90s. What’s more, JB has been consistently driving his output to a transformative place that changes his music into vibrating, auditive sculptures. At least that’s what it sounds like in our heads. Keeping busy as always, James Braun is working on a new album set to be released later this year.

Brandt Brauer Frick – ‘Melancholie II’

Three talented, young men, renowned for their acoustic experimentation, Brandt Brauer Frick deliver everything from RAVE parties in the world’s best clubs to complex explorations of contemporary sound at the Berliner opera. Brandt Brauer Frick compose pieces, which reference terry riley, John Cage, Steve Reich and Philip Glass, but also Detroit-inspired sounds and modern hybrids between classical music and techno.

MHM One – ‘Not Sure I understand’

MHM One, Copenhagen club innovator, celebrated DJ and skilled producer, rises from his tomb and returns to Tartelet with a quirky bass-driven track. It’s been exactly 4 years since his debut and mega hit “Bububadub” and we’re proud to present a brand new MHM One slammer.

Acid Woman – ‘No Country For Old Men’

Once in every man’s life he is struck by the thought: ‘Should I have been a woman?’ Well, this is surely not the issue with Acid Woman.. Or maybe it is? In any case, this is the first track from our new man of mystery.. A sound that mixes acid yogurt and house music in a loopy way that takes you back to the very first time you went on a dance floor in the early 90s. Straight outta Stockholm, Acid Woman is coming for your neural cortex armed with acid-soaked beats and those talked-about Swedish production skills.

2400 Operator – ‘The Feelin’

These are sounds inspired by the working class heroes, music that takes you to the streets of area code 2400 in Copenhagen. Daniel and Troels have mixed backgrounds in both house music and drum ‘n’ bass, which creates an extraordinary diversity in their music. Big feelings and grand perspectives run rampant throughout the ideological music of 2400 Operator who have previously released on Jus Ed’s famous Underground Quality and are now Tartelet’s new kid on the block.

Mikkel Metal – ‘Long way’

Mikkel delivers his brand new track, a spiritual effort placed somewhere between house and Detroit techno. This is an insightful travel through abstract philosophical reflections. The godfather does it again, touches us deeply and leaves us with a whole new feeling of substance and joy.

Andrea Fiorito – ‘Audio xx’

Andrea is also a relative newcomer to the Tartelet roster. Earlier this year he released his “Brother from another planet” EP – a floor favorite throughout the galaxy. This time he delivers a raw analogue track with catchy cords land ush textures. Residing in Berlin, Andrea creates music that erupts somewhere in between cinematic sounds, Detroit and classic rave music.


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