Various ‘Textures 7AM’

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CCR7AM1_ArtArtist: Various
Title: Textures 7AM
Label: Concrete Music 7AM
Release Date: April 2015
Format: 12″
Cat. #: CCR3PM01
A1 Chris Mitchell – Parallel Symbiotic
A2 Lowris – C_crete
B1 Matthew Herbert – Earthenware
B2 Lazare hoche – Spank

The label arm of Paris club Concrete launches three new label series in April, with the simultaneous release of the first Textures 3PM, 4AM and 7AM various artists EPs, with each reflecting a different aspect of the venue’s musical identity

“Every weekend I’m going to Concrete to listen to artists playing. I’m talking about music with them and the people sharing the dancefloor with me. I collect all these inputs and ideas, all this energy, to define what Concrete Music’s DNA is. Because of this variety of people, tastes, and point of views, the label can’t be reduced to one and only genre, so to make the music more easy to comprehend, we are splitting the label in 3 parts: 3 different moods, or more precisely, 3 times of the day…”
– Brice Coudert, Concrete Music

The 3PM series will be focused on house music, enlisting the talents of Trus’me & Curses, San Proper, Hold Youth and S3A with four tracks for the time on the Concrete dancefloor “when smiles are on every face, the same vibe, the same energy, is going through every stomach in the room, and the crowd becomes one same entity.”

Released on the same day, the 4AM EP features contributions from Antigone & Abdulla Rashim, Stanis Tolkachev, Corcos and Society of Silence: “the dark side of the music we love. At 4AM, fists are pumping the air, or heads are down and eyes closed. Slow or quick BPM, heavy kick or atmospheric.”

Matthew Herbert heads up the 7AM 12″ alongside Chris Mitchell, Lowris and Lazare Hoche for “the kind of music you could easily listen in our club at dawn, when the light is blue and the sun starts to filter through the shutters. Minimalistic, freaky or mellow, but always DEEP.”


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