Various ‘Underground House Music 005’

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Artist: VariousTZH030-300x300
Title: Underground House Music 005
Label: Tzinahrecords
Cat. #: TZH030
Release Date: Oct 15, 2012
1. Nina Soul – One (Original Mix)
2. Javier Carballo – Yo Soy Esa (Original Mix)
3. Primarie – Calm De Vara (Original Mix)
4. M-Phunk – Tired (Original Mix)
5. Nicholas Deca – Zambila (Original Mix)
6. Guy From Downstairs – Trees For Us (Original Mix)
7. Ferro – Side (Original Mix)
8. Chris DB – Discurs (Original Mix)
9. Blagoj Rambabov – The Return Of The Mack (Original Mix)
10. Baraso – Couronnes (Original Mix)

Our deepest VA ever is here, and we thought of ending up up this series with something special, by choosing the most representative deep underground artists from our team and trying to push forward the ones we like to think someday will be recognized and appreciated by others as they are by us. With two new family members, Nina Soul and Baraso, we are ready to start a new era in our label.
As we like house, and we eat the deepest one alive, here we start the VA with an argentinian soul, ‘Nina Soul’ and he has fairy tales just as ‘One’ and is one that you’ll probably dig deep into the after-hours, you’ll let yourself driven by it’s moody rhythm and yes there are some bubbles too. ‘Yo Soy Esa’ from Javier Carballo is an expression of everything and everyone that’s beautiful, you will feel it, will raise your head and smile, it’s time for you to dance and embrace life just with it’s happiness! The rhythm goes on, the beat is there and some drums accompanied by wired sounds in ‘Calm De Vara’ from Primarie. Slowly you’ll get attracted by its percussion and your shoes will start jumping. The strange theme gets you into the feeling of a nice summer breeze when all that bass comes in, making the track alive. Well, now ‘Tired’ it’s a lot to say, but when M-Phunk is tired likes to play with his piano and record what’s happening there. We got that into this track and it’s wonderful, will make you cry and dance in the same time, in the end will remind you that’s all about the raw sound and pure emotions. Back alive, Nicholas Deca it’s a pure dancer and he challenges you with his crazy drums, strikes with some nice sounds that will take you along with them in their circle. Yes, a Romanian dance is required! With an already strong release out, Guy From Downstaris marks again his spot, with his housey atmosphere and warm synths as he slowly grows into a good moody rhythm. It’s our true sound that comes up and our Romanian spirit. Back again with us, and more raw this time, Ferro delivers ‘Side’, a side from him that pulls out all his mellow thoughts into his kinky track, lovely for after-ours. Enjoy its strong deep calling and its snare dance! Passing to ‘Discurs’ we will say nothing but that you really have to ‘listen and make up your own mind’ ! Funny? No, it will drive you crazy and it has the perfect sound for it! This atmosphere maybe will make you even act! Until then, dance it! Oh, and if we’re talking about dancing, Blagoj Rambabov, really gets you there. ‘The Return Of The Mack’ has the power, it has the smile, it has the whole thing mixed expressly to be a bomb. After just releasing his EP, Blagoj gets closer to our attitude and sound and to the family. As for concluding the story, we have prepared something deep for you: Baraso. He is our new addition, and his EP is also on the way. Coming from Bacelona’s streets, his sound is deep and soulful, charged with strong emotions. This track is nothing more but a great tool for every DJ and a great experience for every dancer.
In the end, we hope that what we have presented in ‘Underground House Music’ was a collection of nice beats, brought to you from our deepest and most underground vault. A collection of good music that you’ll enjoy even after good time passes and some wonderful tracks that will be in your playlists over and over again! We thank you and we expect you with other adventures!

VA – Undergroud House Music 005 [TZH030] by Tzinah Records


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