Various ‘Unfiltered Session’

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BoscoEXVJP_A_WEBArtist: Various
Title: Unfiltered Session
Tracks by: Minimono, Riccio, Nas1,Rufus, Life’s Track
Label: Bosconi Extra Virgin
Cat. #: BoscoEXVJP
Format: 12″ Special Edition Japan – White Vinyl
Release Date: 10-02-2016
A1 – Minimono – All Good So Far | オール・グッド・ソー・ファー
A2 – Riccio – Uhh | アア
B1 – Nas1 – Polite | ポライト
B2 – Rufus – Hellow | ヘロウ
B3 – Life’s Track – See You Soon | シー・ユー・スーン

After releasing music from Japanese artists like Rondenion, Altz & Onomono it’s time for Bosconi to export some of it’s Finest Italian homegrown products to the land of the of the rising sun. This Japan Special Edition release on Bosconi Extra Virgin includes 5 Exclusive Unfitered Sessions starting slightly more “old school” on the A side with the happy & dirt funk moods from Minimono’s track “All Good So Far” and the dark afro-funk force of Riccio’s serious banger “Uhh”.
The B side goes more quirky, beginning with the aquatic, gentle & sexy vibe of Nas1’s opening sketch “Polite” heading to the biting and raw bliss of Rufus’ ghetto house cut “Hellow” and closing with the epic, dreamy, romantic and driving punch of “See You Soon” by Life’s Track.
100% Unfiltered Extra Virgin vibes!


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