Various ‘VR 001 V.A.’

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VR001_VA_VR001_CoverArtworkBWebArtists: Various
Title: VR 001 V.A.
Label: Viktoria Records
Format: Vinyl
Cat. #: VR001
Release Date: February 13th, 2015
Distribution: Prime Direct Distribution
A1. Benedikt – Kraft Sein
B1. Jean Pierre – Once Bitten
B2. Viktoria – Universal

This debut release from the newborn Berlin-based imprint Viktoria Records takes the form of a various-artists three-tracker.
A-side is Benedikt’s “Kraft Sein,” a straightforward powerfunk stomper, generous with syncopated clap trickery and pounding kicks. Through the industrial-tinted vibe, a game of filtered stabs and delayed resonances draws an enigmatic landscape.
On the flip, Jean Pierre’s “Once Bitten” combines an ever-evolving and introspective synth line with the physicality of a classic bass/909 workout. A detailed architecture of hiss and white noise
brings a finish to its mysterious mood.
Viktoria’s “Universal” closes the EP with its enveloping pads, creating soul-soothing harmonies on top of a fluid, rattling groove. Subtle wavy breakdowns and breathing textures craft a climate of peaceful exaltation.


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