Verrina & Ventura ‘Monoklo 3’

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monoklo-03_labalArtist: Verrina & Ventura
Title: Monoklo 3
Label: Holic Trax
Cat. #: MNK003
Release Date: 12-12-2016
A1. Metaluna
A2. Ork
B1. Dhrawn
B2. Nihil

Holic Trax off shoot Monoklo hits a third firing release now with a new EP from Verrina & Ventura.

Verrina & Ventura are an Italian pair who make fresh house and techno sounds and run the All Inn, Only 300 and HOWL labels. They are busy people who put out a lot of music and here serve up some brilliantly unhinged sounds for this darker, more club focussed series.

Up first, ‘Metaluna’ is a freaky track with shimmering voices and prickly, ticking percussion all underpinned by warm belches of sub-bass. It’s a late night cut with plenty of unhinged atmosphere in its glitchy grooves. ‘Ork’ is less kinetic and more settled in a bulky, heavyweight groove. Scraping perc and icy hi hats bristle and brim as muted synth stabs bring some colour and soul to the party.

The deep and delicious ‘Dhrawn’ has big techno hi hats and more glitching, patchy machine sounds all run through with warming chords. Trilling vocals go off in the distance and the whole thing manages to be emotive and human as well as devastatingly direct and dancefloor orientated. Last of all, ‘Nihil’ is another visceral track with industrial synths, scurrying bass and sliding drums that makes you want to jerk your body.

This is a brilliantly off balance EP full of arresting and inventive grooves aimed squarely at the floor.


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