VID ‘Nouinceput’

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Artist: VIDbqd022
Title: Nouinceput
Format: Vinyl EP
Label: Brouqade
Cat. #: BQD022
Release Date: July 19th (Vinyl), 30th August (Digital) 2012
Distribution: Intergroove
1. Nouinceput
2. A76
3. Estevid

Brouqade welcomes Vid!
The Rumanian producer makes his debut with the release of the exquisite “Nouinceput”.
With a heavy dose of shakers revolving around summer rhythms, “Nouinceput” brims with the energy and hope of a balmy summer evening and the catchy voice samples are masterfully crafted to perfection.
A fully charged energizer, “A96″ blazes the way, drives and propels, relentless, ever onward- a voice avows..”you are like”.
Whistling, Vid’s musical self portrait saunters around the corner. “estevid” is an organic track of extraordinary sound and a nonchalant air.


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