VII Circle ‘Archetype’

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artwork_Back_rem001BArtist: VII Circle
Title: Archetype
Remixer: Keith Carnal, Farrago
Label: Rapid Eye Movement
Cat. #: REM001
Release date: 10-10-2017
1. Archetype (Original Mix
2. Alpha (Original Mix)
3. Nobody Can Escape From Himself (Original Mix)
4. Nobody Can Escape From Himself (Keith Carnal Remix)
5. Alpha (Farrago Remix)

Rapid Eye Movement is a brand new label that kicks off with a noteworthy first EP from bosses and Italian duo Vll Circle, who have co-founded it in collaboration with friends and partners Memorial Home. It features three original tracks as well as remixes by Dutch techno wizard Keith Carnal and Belgian rising talent Farrago.

Andrea Vallisneri and Andrea Casari are the two components of this partnership, and they have roots in rock, indie and experimental sounds. Characterised by hypnotic and dark fla- vours, their wild music roams through deep techno worlds but also finds inspiration in ambi- ent. Closely affiliated with Stem Records, they now inaugurate their own new label in style.

Opening the journey, ‘Archetype’ is an atmospheric roller that journeys deep with rubbery drums and serene pads all making for a heady mood that really draws you in.

Deep techno track ‘Alpha’ exemplifies the Italian duo’s maturing and sophisticated signature sound. With a compelling and obscure-minded groove with immersive and melodic waves of arpeggios and punctuated by dramatic and atmospheric breakdowns, it really locks you in. Next comes the beatless, ambient and ethereal ‘Nobody Can Escape From Himself’ which develops strong and haunting cinematic textures.

Techno expert Keith Carnal is first to remix and sets the tone with an energetic approach to reworking this spacey gem. Stamped with massive and catchy bass, it magnifies the strong emotional and cosmic aura of the original piece. Next to step up on reworking duties, Farrago delivers a take on ‘Alpha’ that is raw, heavy and destined to make big warehouse spaces march to its beat with trippy flavours sprinkled throughout to conclude the release.

This fine first EP is a great statement of intent from Rapid Eye Movement that precedes the Kortsluiting party at Kompass Klub in Belgium on December 1st with Keith Carnal, alongside label founders Memorial Home and VII Circle.


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