Artist: VOISKI & Deception PlanCRF003
Title: Unforeseen Alliances
Format: Digital EP
Label: Construct Reform
Cat. #: CRF003
Release Date: March 25th, 2012
Distribution: WordandSound
1. Ad Infinitum
2. Plan 0 (Maskirovka)
3. Plan 0 (False Flag)

Voiski is a silent type, hiding behind enigmatic pseudonyms and delphic numbers. Art director and prominent member of the DEMENT3D Paris-based crew, he is also the label manager of Silicate Records and also involved in other projects in art and experimental music. Voiski has previously released tracks on Groom Records, as well as on Neopren and WT Records under the techno-oriented moniker Kartei. He is most likely involved in various other electronic music groups we know about and others we don’t.
Voiski’s sound is a moment of strength confronting two extremes, the mix of a harshness of an implacable beat and the lyricism of hypnotic and stirring melodies. A maximum “post-Detroit” contrast, reflecting a hoping decline. Vigor with sentimental moments.

Deception Plan is a plan of action executed by two operatives coordinating from two different cities, Los Angeles and Paris. The two locations brings together two different modes of music to form the plan. The operatives take camouflage in the plan, letting the music be at the center. The sound created by the plan is loaded with deep synths and driving drums with melodies that try to reach the subconscious, a type of psychological warfare.
The operative at the Paris location is Doryan Javan, a discrete urban warrior and activist, formerly working as a night taxi driver. His musical activity is obscure and unknown. He is leaving in a south red banlieue of Paris, producing techno near his family and friends of the French electronic youth squad.
The operative in Los Angeles is R. Hernandez. He has operated for projects like Historia and Violencia and currently participates with the droidbehavior infrastructure in L.A. since 2002, mixing under the codename Subversive. Hernandez creates a chord driven, dub influenced techno sound.


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