Visionquest “Ultraviolet I”

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Artists: VariousVQCD006
Title: Ultraviolet I
Label: Visionquest
Catalogue Number: VQCD006
Release Date: June 2015

This Spring the influential Visionquest label run by Detroit formed, Europe based DJs and producers Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtiss is to take stock of the ground breaking work they have done so far by offering up a compilation of their greatest moments to date. 
Coming as a fantastic three CD package, discs 1 and 2 will offer up some of the most memorable releases on the label so far, whilst disc three is a stunning back catalogue mix put together by none other than hallowed Pittsburgh spinner and globally recognised icon DJ Three
The Visionquest label has very much carved out its own sonic niche since 2011 when it launched. Spearheaded by cultured A&R, releases have ranged from deep house to spiritual techno and often come with a rare sense of melody that is both uplifting, colourful and charming. Artists revisited along the course of CD1 here include the seminal, game changing Walk & Talk from Benoit & Sergio, a killer Ewan Pearson remix of Footprintz and enduring hits like Maceo Plex’s Fallin, Laura Jones’ Let Me In and Tale of Us’ breakthrough track Dark Song. 
CD2 keeps up the pressure, reminding us just how wide the scope of the label has been, taking in artists old and new from across the globe. Dinky, Canadian outfit My Favourite Robot, legendary Brett Johnson and influential Rumors and Supplement Facts label boss Guy Gerber and countrymen Chaim all pop up with standout cuts that sound as great now as they did upon day of release.
As for disc three, it’s a perfect journey deep into the Visionquest aesthetic curated by pioneering figure DJ Three who’s genre bending take on house and techno is a perfect match. A globally renown American DJ, Three rose out of the fertile Florida rave scene of the 90’s and relocated New York City in the 00’s where he’s since held residencies at institutions like NYC’s Twilo, the famed Robots parties and now at Output in Brooklyn all the while being a global regular at underground mainstays from Japan’s Labyrinth Festival to fabric in London. Three’s no stranger to eclectic label catalogs having been involved in beloved U.S. imprints Hallucination Recordings, Hallucination Limited and now Hallucienda and has himself produced underground staples like the Second Hand Satellites – Multiple Mirrors E.P.
Touching on many different styles in a coherent and cohesive way, his energetic mix takes you up, down and round and round thanks to inclusions from artists like Pezzner, Konrad Black, the new one from Shaun Reeves & Tuccillo, a modern classic from Ryan Crosson & Tale of Us plus Butch, Rework and many more. 
This is a timely reminder of just how instrumental the Visionquest label has been in the furtherment of techno. The compilation offers a gentle nod of the cap to its impeccable sonic lineage, yet the label continually looks forward, unearthing cutting edge, burgeoning new talent, whilst getting the best out of established names and continues to foment its own singular scene. This is the perfect encapsulation of the Visionquest sound and you are invited to immerse yourself in its wonder and remind yourself why they are so pivotal in todays electronic landscape…
Visionquest Label Showcase takes place at Studio 338, London on Sunday May 3rd

01 Benoit & Sergio – Walk & Talk
02 Footprintz – Utopia (Ewan Pearson The Tale Of Bolo Brown Re-Trip)
03 Lee Curtiss featuring Debbie Rennalds – Body Twitch
04 Lauren Lane featuring Jaw – Lazer Eyez
05 Maceo Plex – Fallin’
06 Eric Volta & Sebastian Voigt featuring Forrest – Words and Chance
07 Wareika featuring Derek Kammm – Madame Scorpion (Henrick Schwarz Remix)
08 Dinky – Falling Angel (Matthew Styles Remix)
09 Laura Jones – Let Me In
10 Alex Delano & Shaun Reeves featuring Charlotte Carter-Allen – The Breeze
11 Tale Of Us – Dark Song

01 Dinky – Blind (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
02 My Favorite Robot – Forest Fires
03 Qbeck featuring Julia Govor – Alice
04 Guy Gerber – The Mirror Game
05 Subb-an featuring Footprinz – Rain
06 Brett Johnson featuring Ellipsis – Move Power
07 Benoit & Sergio – Your Darkness
08 Rework – Touch
09 Chaim – Underwater
10 Clarian & Guy Gerber – Claire
11 Footprintz – Fear of Numbers (Leo Zero Remix)

CD3: DJ Three ‘Laterna Magika’ Visionquest Mix
01 Quilla – A Million Broken Bikes (Three’s Villalobos & Reeves Edit)
02 Mirko Loko feat. Francesco Tristano – Timeline
03 Konrad Black – Trophic Cascade
04 Quilla – We All Have Shadow (Ryan Crosson Acid Blast Remix)
05 Pezzner – The Island Fantastic
06 Javier Orduna – Addicted Brains
07 Moreon & Baffa – Penzar (Deadbeat Remix)
08 Wareika feat. Derek Kamm – Madame Scorpion
09 Merveille & Crosson – The Day You Left
10 Butch – Om Namaha Shiva
11 Ryan Crosson & Tale Of Us – Angel
12 Rework – Any Other
13 Clarian – U
14 Dinky – Falling Angel (Pepe Bradock’s Detournement au Phlogiston)
15 Footprintz – Fear Of Numbers (Three’s Screwed UP Leo Zero Dub)
16 Riccardo Rizza – Clut
17 Shaun Reeves & Tuccillo – Seclusion


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