VSK ‘Complex Adaptive Systems 1.0’

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CAS001Artists: VSK
Title: Complex Adaptive Systems 1.0
Remixers: Conrad Van Orton
Label: Complex Adaptive Systems
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Cat. #: CAS001
Release Date: September 2014 (Vinyl)
Distribution: Triple Vision
A1. 1.1 Complex Mix
A2. 1.2 Adaptive Mix
B1. 1.3 System Mix
B2. 1.4 System (Conrad Van Orton Mix)

Complex Adaptive Systems are able to adapt and change themselves based on experience.
That is dynamic systems with self-organization which gave rise to global behavior called „emerging“, that cannot be explained by a single physics law.
Adaptation is reached through the costant redefinition of the connection between system and its environment.

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