Wasabi Interview

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– You’re from Greece. What’s it like as a place for electronic music these days?
Yes indeed, I’m from Greece but I’m travelling a lot these days .I could say though that its really hot right now as I know and the most prominent international names playing around like Vanilla Ace, Martin Ikin, Hosh and more.

– Has the economic situation negatively affected the party scene?
Yes, the economic crisis has affected the party scene the last years but not as you could imagine. There are still many parties out there and new music trends emerge from underground scene.

– And what are the best and worst things about being Greek these days?
The best is the really cheap cost of living and the great weather and the bad is the bad mood of the people in general.

– Have you ever contemplated leaving the country for musical reasons?
Sure it was a thinking the last years but as the things in my DJ career are going great now I’m not sure if there is any reason right now.

– When did you start producing music? Were you trying to emulate anyone back then?
The story begins many years back as I started producing music and trying to emulate few big artists. By the years though you manage to get your own distinctive style and to make your productions characterized with your personal taste

– Your next EP is a real dancefloor cut. Is it generally representative of the music you make?
I started as a DJ so the music we produce is definitely for DJs and for clubs
Of course, there are moments where you like to create sounds for more personal and acoustic moments but this is pretty indicative of what I’m about!

– And what’s the idea behind Tropical Heat? What’s the general ethos behind the label?
I wanted to create a new label fulfilled with summer vibes, funk mood and party attitude. So I think we managed to get that to the people.

– Musically, who is your label closest to would you say?
I have few labels where I admire and love their sound. I think Exploited can be close to us in some point

– Who’s been your biggest influence and mentor in the studio since you started out?
This is a really nice question!! I think my biggest influence are few German and UK old artists – they’re the ones who pushed me to get my own studio!

– And where are you at with your music career now in terms of where you’d like to be?
I am pretty satisfied with what I have achieved so far. Of course you always want something more and you try to get it but I think to produce music and to be accepted so much from the pure music lovers is really great thing!

– What’s the ultimate ambition for you and Tropical Heat?
I’m not sure if there is an ultimate ambition is any musical journey. I love to travel and it’s so exciting not to know what you can expect in the next moment. When you love something you follow it and you trust it for what it offers you!

– What’s next in the Wasabi story?
We have more tracks ready to be out and likely to be signed by really big labels. Also we have relicensed our music to Summer compilations.
Summer is here so we have already arranged few DJ sets and label showcases around and we gonna have fun in any case!! Music and productivity never ends!

Interview by James Hopkins


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