Washerman ‘Raw Poet’

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Artist: Washerman
Title: Raw Poet
Label: Drumpoet Community
Cat. #: DPC 046-1
Release Date: September 27, 2013
Format: 2xLP, CD & Digital
CD Tracklist:
01. Morning Dew
02. Solitaire Deepness
03. Distant Planet
04. Superstring
05. Sneaker Girlz
06. Dub Chord
07. Aries
08. Siren Chords
09. Belts of Orion
10. Imagination
11. Celestial Spheres
Digital Bonus:
Love Goes Around
Face To Face

Washerman is a story at its best. The humble Gianni Siravo has been around for many years under different names. His first album entitled “Raw Poet” features nothing less than a 909, a Juno 60 and some other minor pieces of equipment to create a unique groove that cannot be resisted. It’s simply underground dance music in its purest and most straightforward way.

The Drumpoet Community was simply blown away when they first heard it. Washerman’s music took over the dance floor and was so captivating that it put other members of the Durmpoet Community in the difficult situation of determining what tracks to play next in order to keep the irresistible energy alive. The Drumpoet Community hopes you enjoy the album as much as they do and they thank you for your time!

On September 6th, in anticipation of the full-length album, Washerman will release an EP with the tracks “Sneaker Girlz” and “Siren Chords”.

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