Wet Synthex ‘Outside EP’

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Artist: Wet SynthexLOWPRESSINGS129low
Title: Outside EP
Label: Low Pressing
Wet Synthex – Outside (Original Mix)
Wet Synthex – Till I Die (Original Mix)

Our second release from Wet Synthex pulls out some duty free with “Ouside” in the style of simple percussion across a mind numbing kick drum, clever production showing Deep House matters and less is more. Beautiful key stabs together with a smooth travelling bass, sitting with vocal stabs and trumpet. Yeah, really nice proper Deep House, this will keep the floor moving and is sure to be a hit with the outdoor Free Party members.

“Till I Die” (interesting title) gives a little more 4/4 heads down action. Night time. Quality subtle bass with gliding synth pad shifting with a scattered hat sweeping the floor style.
Some fucked up mish-mash of ultrasonics and we have some depth-ti-tude that rolls us in the right direction.


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