Whyt Noyz ‘It Grows EP’

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132580Artist: Whyt Noyz
Title: It Grows EP
Label: Minus
Release date: 04/09/14
1) Jingles
2) Less Is Mo’
3) One, Two, Four
4) Closure
5) Yes Private

The Whyt Noyz duo return to Richie Hawtin’s Minus imprint, continuing their rapid ascent with a second salvo of immaculately produced techno rollers.
Following up on their previous ‘Dope She’ EP which was supported by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1, they now introduce a darker, yet more melodic side to their production style.

Placing a tightly-woven assembly of arpeggios over a warm analogue low-end, ‘Jingles’ shows the duo’s more emotional side. It swells and morphs throughout whilst gradually introducing further shades of harmony. Peak time material for sure.

On a more stripped back tip is ‘Less Is Mo’’, an ominous slice of bristling machine funk punctuated by cascading synths and the occasional middle-Eastern flute sample. ‘One, Two, Four’ is a tripped-out journey down the rabbit hole, firing out carefully controlled volleys of brain scattering FX and pulses.

‘Closure’ on the other hand moves menacingly under the radar like a chrome plated submersible, finely honed in on its target. ‘Yes Private’ rounds off the EP, with abrasive, granular synths which swell and fizz before giving way to a muscular sub-bass undertow.


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