Wild Culture ‘Farben’

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Artist: Wild Culture
Title: Farben
Label: MBF LTD
Format: Digital
Cat. #: MBF LTD 12050
Release Date: 28th August 2013
1. Farben
2. Farben (Philipp Straub Remix)
3. Farben (Florian Kaltstrom Remix)

Wild Culture are Florian Fellier und Felix Brunhuber. The Austrian duo are known for their smooth driving beats and deeper melodies. Their tracks are extremely crafted and show a lot of nice details They have a couple of releases out and already have created a name for themselves on social platforms and with artist such as Tube & Berger, Aka Aka and And Him.

Florian Fellier und Felix Brunhuber have recorded the track “Farben” which we here release together with a remix of Vienna artist Philipp Strauch.

The original of “Farben” connects tribal rhythm elements with warm-hearted melodies und seeks the organic flow in details that change through out the track.

No doubt the track has these wonderful catchy leads that can be described as uplifting and sometimes even romantic which make the track appealing for clubbers and DJs.

Philipp Strauch’s remix starts pretty much as a slacker, rather laid back but when the massive and devilishly hooky bassline kicks in, the track is all party.

The most techno oriented mix comes from Vienna based artist Florian Kaltstrom, who lends more vertical energy to the beat and plays the samples cautiously at lower volume to create his version of a deep remix.

Track and remixes form a nice unit for MBF LTD.



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