Piano Interrupted “Two By Four”

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Artist: Piano Interrupted
Title: Two By Four
Label: Days Of Being Wild
Cat. #: WILDLP001
Format: Digital + CD release
Release Date: December 3rd 2012
Distribution: Straight Distribution
1. You Don’t Love Me Yet
2. Hobi
3. Etude
4. Hedi
5. Son Of Pi
6. Son Of Foug
7. London Waltz
8. Bulbus
9. 7 Ages

Piano Interrupted is the project of London-based pianist and composer Tom Hodge and French electronic producer Franz Kirmann.
After a series of 3 EPs released over the last 3 years, they are now set to release their first full length album entitled Two By Four on label Days Of Being Wild.

Piano Interrupted’s creative process starts from the digital manipulation of musical phrases played by piano and other instruments…
It also started from a commercial project gone wrong!

Franz Kirmann and Tom Hodge had known each other for a long time before getting together to make music, and the process wasn’t an easy one as they both come from very different musical worlds. Electronica, pop and techno for Franz; Jazz, classical and minimalism for Tom.
They started working together by chance, on a experiment for a commercial project that necessitated a blend of classical composition and minimal techno beats. The project fell through but the music they had started to make surprised and inspired them both.
Piano Interrupted was born.

Their first EP simply named “Piano Interrupted” was released a few months later in spring of 2009, under the name Kirmann and Hodge. A limited self release 7″, it was well received and encouraged the duo to push things further.
So here we are, three years later and “Two By Four” is some kind of musical summation of the evolution of Piano Interrupted, from an exclusively studio project (centered around the manipulation of Tom’s piano by Franz computer) to a fully fledged live band with the addition of Greg Hall on the cello and Eric Young on percussion.
Some of the tracks on the album have appeared in various forms on previous releases, but the spirit of the band is one of exploration, mutation, recycling and reinventing and the album documents this journey and how the music has evolved though the years.

Etude” and ” London Waltz” are more representative of the early days of Piano Interrupted.
Recorded as a duo, they are a blend of subtle electronica, skewed rhythms and unusual time signatures, the sonics arguably more cold and the electronic arrangements more prominent.
The rest of the material on the record is played as a quartet, and reflects the progressive change the compositions have undergone through the live concerts and studio experiments.
Three of the tracks (Hedi, Hobi, Bulbus) have a distinctly Tunisian feel as Piano Interrupted were asked to write the score to ‘Papa Hedi‘- a intimate documentary film about the life and times of Hedi Jouni, the ‘Frank Sinatra’ of Tunisia, as told by his grand-daughter.
They had access to Hédi Jouni’s original recordings, and samples of his music were used as starting point for the compositions.

Mastering the whole album with Nils Frahm in Berlin was an important decision Tom and Franz made: ” We wanted to finish the record with someone we felt close to in terms of sensibility and who is not only a technician but a great musician and artist- we knew it would give a great coherence to the record.”

With cinematic piano, dreamy soundscapes, fragile and broken melodies colliding over complex rhythm structures, it’s difficult to categorise the musical style of Piano Interrupted. It seems to vary from EP to EP, gig to gig, track to track, even from bar to bar. There are nods to minimalism, film scores and cinematic soundscapes, glitch and ambient, post-rock, neo-classical piano and jazz…
The eclectic list goes on but to them in the end, it is unimportant:
“What is important is that whenever we meet, we always try to make music that we believe in.”


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