Edanticonf “MCMLXXXIX”

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Artist: Edanticonfbub-300x300
Label: Wolfskuil Ltd
Cat. #: WLTD025
Format: Only vinyl
Release Date: March 23rd 2015
A. 1989.1
B. 1989.2

After a break the label run by Darko Esser called Wolfskuil Records is ready to hit the stores again with a only vinyl release produced by Edanticonf, respectable Italian producer known for his appearances on labels such as M_Rec Ltd. and Silent Season.
“1989.1” is characterized by a continuous broken beat and a dark pad that give an alienating and depressing feeling to the track, however the reverbed snare and hihats break the atmosphere without compromising too much the sound appeal.
In the flip, “1989.2” is very energic and dancefloor oriented: the ethereal loop of kickdrum, hihats and a turbid bassline interact diligently with the arpeggio, leading the track structure till the arrive of the main strings. Nice one!

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