Architectural “Amour”

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Reeko produced a brand new album called “Amour” under the alias Architectural, going away from the classic techno sonorities associated to his main moniker. The whole sound is not focussed into an obvious and techno style, but reveals the discovery of new and underground combinations into 4/4 rhythms, but there’s also space for ambient and meditative sounds, like in “Il Mare”, “Amour”, “Kristallin” and “Sentir”.

Wolfskuil Records – November 27th 2015

A1 / 1. Aura
A2 / 2. Sapphire
A3 / 3. Il Mare
B1 / 4. Lacrimosa
B2 / 5. Delicatezza
C1 / 6. Amour
D1 / 7. Kristallin
D2 / 8. Sentir


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