Woo York ‘Trip From Baikonu’

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Artist: Woo York
Title: Trip From Baikonur
Label: Planet Rhythm
Release Date: 04-04-2013
A1. Sawcure
A2. Buran
B1. Aufwarmen
B2. Trip From Baikonur 

Woo York is Back with a New Wax Exclusive on Planet Rhythm and its going to Blow your Mind with this Sunshine packed Flavor that Nothing Can Save Ya From!

“SawCure” is that magnetic hot Tamale! This is Star Wars on tour folks with the simplistic birth of sound and excitement. Mercury hot is the buildup and quite dramatic synth clap that is making me scratch my back in excitement. This is going to shock your car speakers Heavenly.

“Buran” is justified in ambiance and a deep house melody with a tech house size atmospheric feeling. The cadence is elegant and drama and the cymbal light sound is gradual in climax and bringing forth in sound. Cool and vibrant in feeling all the way through this orignal essence of sound.

“Aufwarmen” – back to basics terrific! This is that sound of Woo York That make the tricks of techno trade wish they could make techno as well as they cook roast pork. This beat and synergy is real Mike Tyson Punch out Heavy. The groove and deception in sound is going to sizzle some harmony this summer 2013, mark my words on your dance-floor.

“Trip From Baikonur” – That journey into a another sound of wilderness and unorthodox making. The whirlwind Deception is Cadence is extraordinary. The mild percussion is sound is worth living to the early morning sound of the white island of Ibiza. Lust of this original is symbolic in its own right of tonal pattern.


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