XIII – 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi and welcome to the 5 shoot interview for differentgrooves.com !
1. You are an underground artist based in Turin. Is difficult to find your musical identity in a big city like that?

I was born in Turin but have been living in Berlin for the past 3 years. I constantly move between these two cities. Finding your musical identity it’s a matter of honesty with yourself, the cities play a role connected to contaminations and inspirations, and you need to study a personal method in order to develop a personal sound.

2. In your honest opinion, is your city a source of inspiration and motivation for you or not?
I honestly find inspiration moving from one city to the other, throwing myself back and forth into two really different aesthetics really helps me with regards to inspirations.

3. Your album “No (The Relative Effect Of Explication)” will be published soon on Gang Of Ducks. What’s the story behind it?
I’ve known the Gang since it was born and I’ve been working with them for a long time now, we’ve been talking about releasing my debut for a while.


4. Does the creating process take a lot of time?
In my production the conception phase takes up a lot of time. I work for hours to develop a concept or a musical landscape, then the track itself is written quite hastily, I often record one take.

5. In the album there are also some cool collaborations. What can you tell us about these?
Vaghe Stelle and Sabla are two really good friends, “Empires” and “Santo” came out really spontaneously spending a few days at the studio, I don’t know Traag personally but I totally share his musical approach.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thank you.


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