Artist: XIII2 cover
Title: The Relative Effects Of Explication
Label: Gang Of Ducks
Format: Digital
Release Date: April 27th 2015
01. Laguna
02. Call_Trigger_Gloom
03. Batten Down The Hatches
04. Eurovision
05. wwwww
06. Empires (feat. SABLA)
07. Oracl1 (feat. Traag & Sam Hooker)
08. Santo (feat. Vaghe Stelle)
09. Frgle

Gang Of Ducks is without any doubts one of the labels which continue to fascinate the audience with advanced and futuristic electronic music. XIII, a producer based in Torino, Italy, makes his appearance in the label with “The Relative Effects Of Explication”. That’s the interview we did with XIII

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