The German label Rotary Cocktail after its foundation in 2004 is celebrating the ten years anniversary with a compilation and some parties.
We had an opportunity to have a chat with Martin and Daniel a.k.a. youANDme, the two minds behind the label, focussing on how they experienced the Rotary Cocktail’s growth.

– Hi Martin and Daniel, hope everything is fine! How are you doing?
Hello Matteo! Thank you. We are fine and enjoying the last sunny days of the year.

– In 2004 you founded Rotary Cocktail and you’re celebrating the ten years anniversary. How do you feel about that?
Actually, we cannot believe that it has already been 10 years since the foundation of the label. Only by looking at the catalogue numbers, we realize how long the label actually already exists.

– Rotary Cocktail is also the first label you founded, is that allright?
Yes, that is true. Everything began 10 years ago after we finished our civil service and moved to Berlin.

– When the label was born did you had a particular concept behind it or not?
Originally, we founded the label in order to release a record with our own music. After the initial success we continued to release music that we like without paying too much attention to the genre in particular. So, we can say, the concept was just to release good music.

– The label’s sound wasn’t strictly limited to something specific, since the first release the songs ranged from minimal to dub techno to tech house… Did you enjoy this variety of styles proposed?
Yes, for sure we enjoy the variety of music. Of course, since we are two persons, there are sometimes two opinions about one or the other track – but to sum it up, we released what we liked – and that is more than one techno/house style.

– In your opinion producing more than one music style affected or not your artistic growing?
Definitely yes, because we take elements from different music styles which leads in our opinion to exciting music without boredom.  For the people, the music always sounds fresher than if we release the same again and again –  we hope that is the case.

– During the years you had the occasion to publish many artist, have you been pleased to work with someone in particular?
There is the one or other artist we are very please to have worked with. We think a lot of labels would wish to work with them. Actually, we are proud of every artist we have worked with and some of them became really good friends. At the end, all these artists are part the whole Cocktail – if one were missing, the taste would not be the same.

– Probably that’s a nonsense question, but why did you choose this name for the label?
It is not a nonsense questions. The name stands for a whole bunch of different music – like the ingredients of a good cocktail – which we enjoyed the night when the name was fixed.

– You did three showcases for the anniversary at Grelle Forelle, Kazantip and Panorama Bar, are you satisfied about the parties?
Yes, it was amazing. All three parties were totally different, but every party for itself a bomb. It was nice to having had a small tour with our acts which peaked with a lot of fans and friends at Panorama Bar.

– Is anything new forthcoming on Rotary Cocktail in the next months that you want to tell us about?
The upcoming  release will be the  “Pattern 5/6  EP” from The Roland Orchestra.
It will be a really special Vinyl because it’s a homage to his heroes Daft Punk which might polarize the crowd.

– Thank you so much for the interview and good luck!
You are welcome.

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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