Nomumbah “Amanha”

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Yoruba Records is proud to present this new album by label veterans Nomumbah. Hailing from Sao Paulo, this three-piece consists of André Torquato, Ale Reis and Rafael Moraes. With this release, Nomumbah show a great deal of maturity, a mark often only surpassed with the release of a sophomore album.
The whole sound of “Amanha” is deeper and moody than the other Yoruba releases, also the classic tribal and afro influences seem to be momentarily forgotten, leaving space to experimentations and new contaminations from deep house and electronica.

Yoruba Records – October 21st 2016
01. Elevation
02. Module
03. Bulan
04. Doll
05. Words
06. Amanha
07. Lucky Fellow
08. Meinhaus
09. Precious
10. Crossing



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