Z.D.S. Interview

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– Hi Nat, I’m glad to ask you some questions for Differentgrooves.com
For who don’t know anything about ZDS, briefly what can you say about it? How can you define your music style?

Someone recently described it as ‘Basement Music’. I really like that title – I basically make house and techno with a bit of a ghetto flavour.

– Did you start before with music production or deejaying? What’s the most difficult of them two?

Djing is my first love. Producing I would say is harder for the reason that I have don’t want to sound like other artists – which has meant I have deleted many many songs. I aim to have my own style.

– In your opinion how the music scene has shifted these past 3-4 years?

The deep house crazy seems to have mutated into Garage, Tech House and some good old fasioned Techno. I love all of the above and I am really happy to see  all of it doing so well.

– Currently you’re not using anymore your old moniker “Zombie Disco Squad”. Why this change? Does this decision make you thinking more (and maybe from a different point of view) about yourself as artist?

I am still using it – but I would like to see the initials used more (ZDS). I feel that the full name is a little too associated with things I was never a part of.

– In October your release “Hands” has been published on Dirtybird. How did you get on that important label? How was your reaction knowing that your music will be published there?

That was my third time on DirtyBird. I have known Claude Vonstroke for years and have been sending him music for a while and this one just the one he like best I guess.  I am super happy to have made a return to the label and I hope I will follow it up with a new ep in 2014.

– What are the records you mostly enjoyed in the last months?

1. Claude Vonstroke – Dood
2. Catz eat Dogs – Evil Tram
3. Modelr – Indirect
4. Jesse Rose & Rafael Kakudo – Work (Jesse Rose Remix)
5. Bicep – Stash

– Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?

I’m writing a ep for Jackathon right now and have a bunch of ep’s lined up for some really incredible labels I can’t quite talk about yet. Watch this space!

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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