Zeta Reticula ‘Maqaram’

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artworks-000127315781-q3yroj-t500x500.jpg)Artist: Zeta Reticula
Title: Maqaram
Label: 1605
Cat. #: 1605194
Format: Digital
Release Date: 24 August 2015
1. Zeta Reticula – Maqaram (Original Mix)
2. Zeta Reticula – Pratoma (Original Mix)
3. Zeta Reticula – Fonon (Original Mix)
4. Zeta Reticula – Kelisikia (Original Mix)
5. Zeta Reticula – Kho Domei (Original Mix)

He started with just a taste, a two-tracker. Now he’s got you hooked and he’ll completely submit you with this 5-track electro pack. Resistance is futile. Seek help. Or just give yourself in. Zeta’s got you.


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