Dj Casanouva ‘From Lima to Tampa (and Back Again)’

Artist: Dj Casanouva
Title: From Lima to Tampa (and Back Again)
Label: Back Door Records
Cat. #: BCKD10
Release Date: August 27 2021
A1. DJ Casanouva – You Don’t Know (Watcha Gettinto)
A2. DJ Casanouva – Cruisin’ Down Bruce B. Downs
A3. DJ Casanouva – You Don’t Know (Watcha Gettinto Pishonapella)
B1. DJ Casanouva – Juicy Booty
B2. DJ Casanouva – Juicy Booty (Jus-Ed Remix)

Backdoor Record gets Deep & Smokey with their latest offering from Dj Casanouva. This slice of classic ranging House music is a sure fire heater for the coming summer.

With 3 originals in the package alongside a Dj Jus Ed remix which turns up the heat yet again in his unique style. This package also drops the Pishonapella for those more adventurous Djs.

Out this August on Backdoor Records, do not sleep.

Artwork Download – https://mil-mgmt.com/wp-content/uploads/ninja-forms/2/BCKD10_Cover_1500x1500.png

Artist Quote – “For their 10th release, Orlando, Florida residing label Back Door Records opens the gate wide open for Lima producer Piero Casanova aka DJ Casanuova. With a classic house shuffle and a cheeky flair, listeners are treated to Casanova’s signature brand of deep electronic funk.”


13130 Space Project ‘International Problem’

Artist: 13130 Space Project
Title: International Problem
Label: Seclusion
Cat. #: SEC002
Format: Digital
Release Date: 6 August 2021
1. International Problem (Original Mix)
2. International Problem (Blaktony Global Issue Remix)
3. Kismet

Recently launched French label, Seclusion is back for its second outing. The inaugural release by Detroit’s HLX-1 garnered impressive support from DJs and the media including Bandcamp’s Best Electronic Music in May, and plays in Titonton Duvante’s XLR8R podcast, Dave Clarke’s White Noise, James Ruskin’s EPM podcast, Ben Sims’ Run It Red show, Rolando’s Better Days mix and Tom Ravenscroft’s BBC 6 Music show.

But one of the ‘Come To Me’ EP’s standouts was in fact the remix by 13130 Space Project, which is the DJ and production moniker of Seclusion founders, Damien Lapéna and Anouar Hemissi. Now they return with an EP of their own, entitled ‘International Problem’.

‘International Problem’ features two originals – the title track and ‘Kismet’ which enforce their love of deep tech with interstellar leanings and a nod to Detroitesque techno. Forming a further bond with the Motor City, they enlist Blaktony who has been a member within various groups and collectives, including Optic Nerve, early Aux 88, Aux Men, Alien FM and Scan7, to deliver a remix that bridges the gap between Techno Bass and Electro.


Roch (NY) ‘Environment’

Artist: Roch (NY)
Title: Environment
Label: Blumoog Codec
Cat. #: Blugcod015
Come with us

DJ and music producer under the signature of tech house and techno styles. Born and raised from cold Siberia, currently he lives and still working on his own creative path in the UAE. When recording this release, look inspiration from the emotions of people from the vibes that resumed after the restrictions.”Intelligent and fast techno solution: perfect for dance floor


Joseph Capriati & Eric Kupper feat. Byron Stingily ‘Love Changed Me (Dave Clarke Remix)’

Artist: Joseph Capriati & Eric Kupper feat. Byron Stingily
Title: Love Changed Me (Dave Clarke Remix)
Label: Redimension
Format: Digital
Release Date: 16th July (Streaming) / 23rd July (Beatport Exclusive)

Dave Clarke turns in a rare house remix for Joseph Capriati & Eric Kupper ft. Byron Stingily’s ‘Love Changed Me’ in aid of Neapolitan charity Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation.

Landing this July, all proceeds from Clarke’s remix will go to the Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation, a charity that supports numerous initiatives in helping families and disadvantaged teenagers in Capriati’s hometown, Naples.

‘Dave wanted to do a version of ‘Love Changed Me’, my LP track with Eric Kupper and Byron Stingley, which meant a lot to me. After hearing the spirit of the track, he sent me a house version. Dave Clarke, a genuine techno legend, had honoured me with a house remix. It sends the whole scene a message of musical freedom – never be scared to make art and be free, do what you love. Additionally, Dave is incredibly generous and asked me to donate the proceeds of his remix to charity, so the whole Redimension team and I settled on Foundation Cannavaro Ferrara.’

Joseph Capriati

‘I came up through the very early ages of house music, and one of the tracks he sent me really resonated with that early house feel that I had been missing for a while, a purity and simplicity with emotion that had been difficult to find. We spoke about it, and I agreed to do the mix…….then the Pandemic happened. For me, it was really important that I received no fee in light of the worldwide situation but to make sure that the money went through to charity as many people have really had a horrendous year. That is how this remix came about :-).’

Dave Clarke

A poignant remix in light of the two artists’ close friendship for over a decade, it’s also the latest in a heavyweight lineup of remixes of Capriati’s 2019 LP, ‘Metamorfosi’. Clarke’s remix breathes Balearic bliss into the original, with airy pads, piano licks, and lively percussion sitting under Stingily’s soaring vocal performance.



Arnodd ‘Monsoon EP’

Artist: Arnodd
Title: Monsoon EP
Label: Traum
Cat. #: Traum V255
Release Date: 23. July 2021
1. Together In Space
2. Just On Time
3. Recycled Frequencies

Malek Ales’s is back with his second ep on TRAPEZ!

Malek Ales has been a household name in the techno scene for some time now. His music is techno with a strong minimal note and all of his tracks have a distinctive funk to them which can be described as a „rolling“, self fed groove. His brand new tracks are no exception.

“Together In Space“ by Malek Ales

“Together In Space” is a hypnotizing thunder of a track which pulls in an electronic pad sound with a reminiscence of the late 70ies as mastermind Alan Parsons springs to our mind. This is unusual and will surprise listeners and clubbers.

“Just On Time“ by Malek Ales

“Just On Time” is a much deeper track, with sequences wandering up and down and the 303 modulation creating a dialogue you can sneak into. Because there is an abstract quality to it it gives room for your own phantasies which is what techno is all about.

“Recycled Frequencies“ by Malek Ales

“Recycled Frequencies” is a fine track in the way that it builds up tension, never revealing too much but constantly holding the finger on the trigger. When the 303 enters it plays the role of an intruder, never stopping and adding that kind of a „secluded“ mood to the track which never will leave


Dilby ‘No More Love’

Artist: Dilby
Title: No More Love
Label: BIT Records
Cat. #: 8BIT168
Release Date: 18.07.2021
A1. Dilby – No More Love
B1. Dilby – Muruba
B2. Dilby – Easy Rider

The DJ/producer from New Zealand has been a long time friend of Gorge & Nick Curly. But only now Berlin based Dilby had the rights tracks together fitting for their label. A big welcome then to the family.


Hassler ‘Ogunhe’

Artist: Hassler
Title: Ogunhe
Label: Trick
Cat. #: TRICK032
Format: Digital
Release Date: 9th July 2021
01 Ogunhe
02 Cowbell 3000

Coyu returns to Patrick Topping’s Trick with two-tracker ‘Ogunhe’ under his Hassler moniker this July.

Head of the lauded Suara imprint, Coyu dons his Hassler moniker following 2020’s ‘Icke EP’, the debut release from the alias. On ‘Ogunhe’, his second effort for Trick, Catalan DJ/producer cements his love for undeniably groovy, house indebted music with a two-track EP of party-starting tracks.

Chunky percussion and ethereal vocal samples take charge on title cut ‘Ogunhe’, making for a peak time, hands-in-the-air track with a robust, powerful bassline permeating throughout. ‘Cowbell 3000’ keeps the energy levels high, with mammoth drums and rowdy cowbells storming through a series of high-octane synth stabs.



Lyric ‘Not Enough / Praise Up’

Artist: Lyric
Title: Not Enough / Praise Up
Label: M-Plant
Cat. #: M.PM038
Format: Digital
Release Date: 30 July 2021
1. Not Enough
2. Praise Up

Lyric Hood returns to M-Plant this summer for her latest solo release.

Over the past several years Lyric Hood has been developing her DJing and production skills, going from strength to strength. In 2016 she joined her father, Robert Hood when Floorplan became a duo both on the road and in the studio, co-producing their ‘Victorious’ album and the many tracks and remixes that have followed. By 2019 she was ready to present her first solo work with the double-header, ‘Nineteen / 11:11’, which was followed by ‘Everything / Social Distance’ in 2020. Both releases have shone a light on her burgeoning talent and continue to receive plays across the globe.

Continuing on her music mission, Lyric now delivers two new cuts, ‘Not Enough’ and ‘Praise Up’ which not only display touches of her work as one half of Floorplan but also her personal taste in the realms of House and Techno, bridging the gap between these genres with her unmistakable sound.


Fontaines D.C. ‘Televised Mind’

Artist: Fontaines D.C.
Title: Televised Mind
Remixer: Dave Clarke
Label: Partisan Records
Cat. #: PTKF3012-1
Release Date: 7th July (DSPs & Vinyl Pre-order), 13th August (12” Vinyl)
Format: Digital / Vinyl
A Televised Mind – Dave Clarke Remix
B Televised Mind – Dave Clarke Edit

Dave Clarke remixes Fontaines D.C. ‘Televised Mind’.

Legendary Techno artist Dave Clarke remixes the Dublin band’s ‘Televised Mind’ and twists the track into a robust, chugging slice of full-vocal punk-funk that marries the raw, musical attitude of the band and Clarke.

“Fontaines D.C… what can I say except they exude authenticity. One day in Rotterdam in mid-July 2020, I got an Instagram direct message from the label offering me the vinyl as they spotted I was a fan. Within a day, it was established that a remix also made sense too, so out of the blue came something wonderful.” – Dave Clarke

‘Televised Mind’ was initially released in June 2020 on Fontaines D.C.’s Grammy Nominated second LP, ‘A Hero’s Death’, becoming a critical and commercial hit. Dave Clarke’s remix follows the Soulwax remix of the title track, released earlier this year on a limited run of hand-stamped vinyl.



Evade Robots ‘Voids’

Artist: Evade Robots
Title: Voids
Remixer: J. Albert
Label: Low Recordings
Cat. #: LOWLA006
Format: Cassette & Digital
Release Date: 28th June 2021

    1. Astral
    2. Drive
    3. Voids
    4. Utopia
    5. Reflect
    6. Drift
    7. Omni
    8. Bloom
    9. Voids (J.Albert Remix)

US artist Evade Robots turns in stunningly deep and atmospheric LP on Low Recordings this June including a remix from J. Albert.

Originally from Mcallen in South Texas, Evade Robots now lives in Los Angeles. He is a talented bass player who has been in various bands and toured for years, opening for respected players such as J. Albert, DJ Nobody and Eureka The Butcher. Evade Robots’ ‘Void’ album is his second release on the tight-knit Low Recordings imprint as he draws on his love for LA’s Low End Theory sound and culture.

The record opens with ‘Astral,’ a deep, bumping but expansive rhythm with its head in the cosmos amongst smeared pads and sci-fi details. The brilliant ‘Bloom’ is another cavernous track. This time it’s built on dusty breakbeats with subtle, hopeful chords. The mix of heady atmospheres and slick drum programming continues on the jostling ‘Drift’ and superbly deep and heavy ‘Drive’ with its organic piano chords and frayed edges.

The warmth and soul of Evade Robots’s productions shine though on ‘Omni,’ which journeys on slick metallic percussion, with downbeat chords adding pensive vibes over the dynamic drums. There is an acid bassline on ‘Reflect’, which drives it along in an irresistible fashion. The excellent ‘Utopia’ is another lithe rhythm doused in soulful pads and cosmic energy, while the title track explores richly melodic deep techno. Last of all, The Trilogy Tapes and Anno affiliate J.Albert remixes ‘Voids’ into a high-energy workout with bristling breaks and spaced-out synth work.

‘Voids’ is an exceptionally charming and heady LP that trips to the outer edges of the universe.