Bedrock Remix Competition – Remix ‘Rust’ by Stelios Vassiloudis

Remix ‘Rust’ by Stelios Vassiloudis


Bedrock is always looking for interesting ways to interact with its artists, encourage creativity and engage in new ways with its global audience. For this innovative remix competition, Bedrock has teamed up with one its most consistent and creative producers to present ‘Rust’ by Stelios Vassiloudis.

The Concept: when you buy the original track, you get the stems and an expertly curated sound library of over 100 original production sounds that Stelios has put together for this project. Remix the track in your own style OR create an entirely new composition utilising the samples on offer.

The Rules: John and Stelios will judge all submissions, the winner will get an official release on the Bedrock label and a copy of the supercool Rhythmiq production software from Accusonus All submissions must be clearly labelled and in WAV format. Your entry must be submitted from the registered email used at the time of purchase and sent to Final deadline for submission is 31 Aug 2020.

“Making this digital release available exclusively through our Bandcamp platform is not only a statement of intent as we continue to evolve to better engage and connect with our fanbase, but also a great way to host and admin our affiliated remix competition!” – John Digweed

Always evolving his sound and pushing sonic boundaries, Stelios Vassiloudis has come a long way and matured as an artist since releasing his debut LP ‘It Is What It Is’ on Bedrock almost a decade ago. ‘Rust’ is an exercise in dynamics and extremes – ambient drones and guitars harmoniously cohabitating the soundscape with sonorous beats and pulsating rhythms – it also perfectly showcases his meticulous craftsmanship and engineering nous.

To accompany this innovative release Stelios has also created a visually stunning 9-minute piece of synched video art:

Competition only available at Bandcamp:

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