Mene ‘Get Enough’

Artist: Mene
Title: Get Enough
Label: Rebellion
Cat. #: RBL106
Format: Digital
Release Date: 21.06.2024
1. Get Enough
2. Alca Alca
3. Do Your Thing
4. La Ou

Mene makes a cool apparison on Rebellion (Crosstown Rebels’ sister label) with ‘Get Enough’, a nice four tracker that features interesting and juicy sonorities. Taken as overall the EP melts fluently minimal and tech house, revealing a captivating style which makes all the tracks irresistible and impressive.

“I have a passion for exploring genres and melding different sounds; this usually takes me on a different journey, one of artistic discovery. The same journey has birthed something truly different for me, my latest EP, “Get Enough”. By blending House, Minimal and Afro rhythms, “Get Enough” sounds like the fusion of genres which also defines my musical curiosity.“ – Mene.

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The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki ‘Warp 1.9 (Westend & Cherry Tooth Remix)’

Artist: The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki
Title: Warp 1.9 (Westend & Cherry Tooth Remix)
Label: Dim Mak
Cat. #: DM1628
Format: Digital
Release Date: 14.06.2024
Warp 1.9 (Westend & Cherry Tooth Remix)

‘Warp 1.9’ was released in far 2009 during the gold era of electro (and its sub-styles), when artists such as SebastiAn, Justice, Crookers and many more were under the spotlight. The Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki made this production, which became an instant classic and definitely set their artist names in the electronic music scene. After 15 years this legendary theme gets a remix treatment by Westend and Cherry Tooth: without loosing the vibe of the original the artists introduce contemporary sound elements, making the whole song engaging and tempting.


Clif Jack ‘Silenzio Follia’

Artist: Clif Jack
Title: Silenzio Follia
Label: MJA the Vision
Cat. #: MJATV007
Format: Digital
Release Date: 14.06.2024
01. Silenzio Follia
02. The Radar

Buy link: https://www.beatport.com/it/release/silenzio-follia/4545121

Clif Jack is back on his record label MJA The Vision with a pounding two-track techno EP.

One of the breakthrough techno artists of 2023, Clif Jack is an Italian DJ and producer who last year made his debut on Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid and Juliet Fox’s TREGAMBE, alongside releases on other prestigious labels such as Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou.

MJA The Vision is a record label and event series that Clif Jack has launched to be the next chapter of his evolution, and alongside his own music the imprint has also signed music by the likes of Luca Morris, Vikthor and AM.I.

After launching MJA The Vision at the end of 2023, this is Clif Jack’s second release on his imprint, and talking about this new EP, he said: “Silenzio Follia’ came to be after a moment of inspiration during a studio session when I was lost inside my own thoughts. I had the idea to create a track that would represent a stark contrast between absolute silence and an explosion of madness. It was during such a moment that I had an unexpected conversation with a friend where I told him my idea. After me and my friend talked, I realised I had accidentally recorded the conversation with him, and the discussion had generated some audio that I thought was perfect to sample. The word “Follia” meaning “Madness” in English became a commanding vocal that I used as the focal point of the track. There are other words such as Silenzio (Silence), Calma (Calm), Suono (Sound), Rumore (Noise) and Spazio (Space) that I also cut from the conversation, plus some phrases that in the context of the track sounded really poignant. I was a little nervous my friend might be upset that I had used words in my track from a private conversation, but he loved the idea, and was blown away when he heard what I had made. So, I have to thank him for being a part of this inspiration.”

The EP opens with the title track “Silenzio Follia,” which has a pounding kick drum and rumbling bassline as the foundation for the intense lead synth. The track contrasts between the swelling madness of the lead synth, and the drops that cut to a moment of silence before the menacing lead synth regains control.

Track two, “The Radar” is more subdued compared to its predecessor, but it still packs a punch with tough percussion overlayered by thrashing hi-hats. The fluttering melodies of the lead synth add an uplifting euphoria and sense of tranquillity that’s underpinned by the dark atmosphere created by sweeping pads.


Joeski ‘A Piece Of Me (Rebirth)’

Artist: Joeski
Title: A Piece Of Me (Rebirth)
Label: Maya Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: 07.06.2024
A Piece Of Me (Rebirth)

Joeski’s ‘A Piace Of Me (Rebirth)’ is the last track released on his Maya Recordings, a production that features a stylish and spirited confidence. In the instrumental it’s introduced a trumpet melody, which adds a carefree sensation, making the whole theme classy and fulfilling.

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Frank & Tony ‘Ethos Remixes’

Artist: Frank & Tony
Title: Ethos Remixes
Label: Scissor & Thread
Cat. #: satltd006
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 14.06.2024
A1. Cecile (feat. Eliana Glass) (Charles Webster Remix)
A2. By The End They Will (C.K Remix)
B1. Olympia (feat. Eliana Glass) (Timmy Regisford Instrumental Remix)
B2. By The End They Will (Octo Octa’s Dazed These Days Dub)
Digital bonus: 05. Olympia (feat. Eliana Glass) (Timmy Regisford Vocal Remix)

Buy link: https://scissorandthread.lnk.to/EthosRemixes

As follow up of their ‘Ethos’ album, Frank & Tony proudly present a brand new EP, sharing a set of exclusive interpretations of the original themes. Charles Webster opens the tracklist with his remix of ‘Cecile’, he opts for a laid back and stripped back sound, while at the same time he recalls the finest Freak N Chic label releases: the overall mood is very deep and the instrumental reveals to be dark but dancefloor inspired. C.K remixes ‘By The End They Will’ and makes both the A side tracks the winning ones, his revisitation adds energy and strength to the main motif. Another intriguing and enigmatic production which gets a remix treatment is ‘Olympia’, Timmy Regisford introduces solid drums to arouse positive and stronger vibes. ‘Ethos Remixes’ is available on both digital and vinyl formats.

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Martin Ikin, Winnie Ama ‘Control It’

Artist: Martin Ikin, Winnie Ama
Title: Control It
Label: Toolroom
Cat. #: TOOL126801Z
Format: Digital
Release Date: 07.06.2024
Control It

Martin Ikin returns on Toolroom with the collaboration of the vocalist Winnie Ama, their last production titled ‘Control It’ certifies the Mr. Ikin’s attitude for dancefloor oriented sounds, which feature a neat instrumental, blazing synths and mesmerizing vocals. ‘Control It’ is already available on the biggest streaming and e-shop portals.

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SPLTRVA001 - Artwork

Various ‘Exceed Limits’

Artist: Various
Title: Exceed Limits
Label: Splatter
Cat. #: SPLTRVA001
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 31.05.2024
Tracklist (vinyl and digital):
01. Florian Meindl – Gridlock
02. Linear System – Taurinom
03. JANEIN – Neowise
04. Daniel Heinrich – Close Your Eyes
05. Egotot – Name It As You Want

Digital Only
06. VIVEZ – Tristesque
07. Luca Tresque – Timeless
08. EÒNAN – Space Traffic Management
09. Donkker, Paul&Deep – The Man Who Stolen The Lighter
10. Anml Mthr – Nosedive

Buy link: https://splatter.bandcamp.com/album/exceed-limits

Splatter is a new vinyl and digital underground techno label from Austrian artists Luca Tresque, Joe Haensn and Rotary Motion.

‘Exceed Limits’ follows their special prequel EP and launches the label catalogue in style with a stunning compilation that welcomes a host of talent from Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne, Stuttgart in Germany, Spain and Austria.

All the artists who feature on this release include, Anml Mthr, Daniel Heinrich, Egotot, EÒNAN, Florian Meindl, JANEIN, Linear System, Luca Tresque, VIVEZ, and there is one collaboration from Donkker combining with Paul&Deep.

The artists on this compilation have collectively released on record labels such as Florian Meindl’s FLASH, Robert Hoff’s trau-ma, Alex Bau’s Credo, Coyu’s Suara, Marco Bailey’s MATERIA, Slam’s Soma, Electric Rescue’s Skryptöm, Index Marcel Fengler, Blank Code, Alleanza, Subsist, SYXT, Diffuse Reality amongst others.

The 10-track package is a melting pot of techno variations including raw, hypnosis with modular accents, analogue grooves, deep textures and spacey atmospherics.

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Amirali ‘Whispers Of Deceit’

Artist: Amirali
Title: Whispers Of Deceit
Label: Dark Matters
Cat. #: DM016
Format: Digital
Release Date: 31.05.2024
Whispers Of Deceit

Buy link: https://www.beatport.com/release/whispers-of-deceit/4574835

Amirali returns to his Dark Matters imprint with an intriguing Indie Dance single, “Whispers of Deceit,” which carries undertones reminiscent of Detroit-inspired Electro.

Hailing from Iran and currently based in the UK, Amirali is a classically trained pianist and singer-songwriter who has applied his talents to electronic music. His captivating vocals and thought-provoking lyrics addressing societal failures are nestled on a bed of analogue synths and rhythmic drum loops.

With a discography boasting releases on prestigious record labels such as Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels, Ellen Allien’s BPitch, and Eelke Kleijn’s DAYS like NIGHTS, Amirali is not only a versatile artist but also a captivating DJ and live performer who has graced the dance floors of Europe’s most esteemed nightclubs from Fabric to Panorama Bar.

Amirali’s innate ability to mesmerise an audience has also earned him a prestigious BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, and he has enamoured mainstage crowds at festivals and underground events in far-flung countries ranging from China to Brazil.

“Whispers of Deceit” is built on a foundation of acidic bassline and robust percussion, while a dramatic sequence of samples bursts forth to create a trippy atmosphere full of anticipation. Rhythmic synth stabs and psychedelic guitar licks accompany vocals speaking of a failed society. The track’s rolling groove and jackin’ rhythms create a raw machine funk that’s perfect for the dance floor.

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Rodney Dinkles ‘Movements’

Artist: Rodney Dinkles
Title: Movements
Label: QWERK
Cat. #: QRK016A
Format: Digital
Release Date: 31.05.2024

Qwerk Records (owned and operated by Wooja and Rodney Dinkles) is going to share in the next days another single by Mr. Dinkles: this brand new tune is titled ‘Movements’ and moves into underground shades of tech house. That’s an invitation to explore deep night vibes and small warehouse located parties, when and where the whole situation becomes hot, wild and unexpected.

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Gallo. ‘Chaos’

Artist: Gallo.
Title: Chaos
Label: Zatar Music
Cat. #: zatar024
Format: Digital
Release Date: 07.06.2024
01. Chaos
02. Chaos (David Mayer Remix)
03. Chaos (Kole Audro Remix)

Pre order link: https://zatarmusic.lnk.to/Chaos

Newcomer in the world of electronic music Alexandre Gallo a.k.a. Gallo. debuts on Zatar Music with ‘Chaos’, an interesting and well sounding release. While suggesting empathy and existentialism, the original shares encouraging sensations, thanks to the usage of a tribal inspired instrumental. Follows a brilliant remix of David Mayer: his experience in the studio comes out in all its glory, elevating and reinforcing the mood of the main theme; there the drums and synths combination sound round and touching. Kole Audro closes the release with his interepretation, which expresses an intriguing attitude.

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