Janeret ‘Passion’

Artist: Janeret
Title: Passion
Label: Shall Not Fade
Cat. #: SNF103
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 10.11.2023
1. D. Tool
2. Passion
3. Lush
4. Mind

Pre order link: https://shallnotfade.co.uk/album/passion-ep

Just after two months from the publication of ‘Joy & Happiness EP’, Janeret returns on Shall Not Fade with the brilliant ‘Passion’, a great EP that features four cool and smooth productions. In the overall, the music is influenced by a dreamy and deep contemporary house style, which brings the listener into an introspective and fanciful state of mind. ‘D. Tool’ represents as its best the essence of the release, opening the tracklist and sharing an engaging vibe. Follows ‘Lush’, which depicts a fairy soundscape, there a bassline with the Janeret signature and a heavy reverbed piano play a big role in the playback, which make the listener feel suspended in the air. ‘Passion’ and ‘Mind’ (respectively the A2 and B2 pressed tracks) are build upon a broken beat instrumental, detaching a little from the main vibe, demonstrating an underground, experimental and infectious attitude.

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Pornbugs ‘Coats My Skin’

Artist: Pornbugs
Title: Coats My Skin
Cat. #: XPM126
Label: Expmental Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: 17th November 2023 Beatport

Presenting a fresh music release from the dynamic German duo and proud proprietors of Bondage Music Pornbugs, who have once again graced Expmental Records with their ingenuity, this time in the form of a solo track. Titled “Coats My Skin,” this song is a deeply engaging track with a subtle dub accent, sure to captivate the aficionados of such distinctive sounds.

However, the offering doesn’t stop there. This track arrives hand in hand with a stellar remix from the Romanian duo, NTFO, who have escalated the original piece to uncharted elevated terrains, creating a more melodically immersive version.

As we near the conclusion of another year, we will continue to surprise and delight your auditory senses. A promising month lies ahead with even more unique musical treats from our repository, so do stay tuned!


Chontane ‘Dream Speech’

Artist: Chontane
Title: Dream Speech
Label: Emerald
Cat. #: EMERALD020
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 03.11.2023
A1. Calade
A2. Laurel
A3. Izombe
B1. Alerce
B2. Gamma Whateela
B3. Janto

Pre order link: https://emerald.bandcamp.com/album/dream-speech

Chontane keeps sharing pleasant and driving techno motifs through his ambitious and modern productions, released on important labels such as ARTS, Mutual Rytm, Monnom Black and many more. His style allowed him to be thrown under the spotlight so many times, this time – for sure – will be no less. ‘Dream Speech’ is a large EP which features six songs, clutching the listener into an emotional listening experience, also arousing late night vibes and wild party sensations. It seems like the artist keeps a strong relationship with dancefloor environments and he’s capable of translating them very well into his art. On both the flips the side openers “Calade” and “Alerce” are very catchy, however the inner-pressed tracks are none than less and deserve some serious attention.

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Gleb Filipchenkow ‘Kawi EP’

Artist: Gleb Filipchenkow
Title: Kawi EP
Label: connected
Cat. #: connected134
Format: Digital
Release Date: 27th October 2023
01 Kawi Ft. Mwongeli
02 Kucheza Ft. Mwongeli

Russian artist Gleb Filipchenkow returns to connected with an exquisitely sleek Afro-house two-tracker.

With a number of releases already under his belt, the mysterious Gleb Filipchenkow continues to carve out his own unique space in the electronic landscape. Releases via VOD KM, Kindisch and the Basement Discos have seen him explore genres ranging from acid to downtempo, while his previous release on connected ventured into more melodic territory. As Gleb Filipchenkow returns to connected, his versatility as an artist continues to be showcased with the new EP ‘Kawi’.

Opener ‘Kawi’ kicks off with a restrained groove, ear-tickling percussion and luscious chords. These coalesce into a dreamy atmosphere into which singer Mwongeli’s alluringly hypnotic vocal takes centre stage, rhythmically bobbing with the beat. A warm, buzzy bass ties the track together, providing enough low end to shake any dancefloor.

The paired-back ‘Kucheza’ conjures an even more tranquil mood with twinkling bells and a less urgent, softer vocal from Mwongeli. Just as the tune settles into this ambience, the plucked bassline and percussion drop into place; the groove becomes irresistible, with noodling guitar licks and shuffling shakers completing the effect, conjuring images of dusky nights and orange-lit dancefloors.

This is another pair of accomplished Afro house tracks from Gleb Filipchenkow, as enjoyable at home as on the floor.


X CLUB. ‘Sitting Ducks’

Artist: X CLUB.
Title: Sitting Ducks
Label: CROWD
Cat. #: CROWD003
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 3.11.2023
A1 Hold On (Chop’D n Screw’D Mix)
B1 Sitting Ducks
B2 No One

X CLUB.’s ‘Sitting Ducks’ distinguishes itself as music release because its style is genuinely contemporaneous, anyway at the same time it’s respectful to the past and elevates the importance of oldschool styles, such as hardgroove and tribal techno. Since the beginning of the playback the first theme “Hold On (Chop’D n Screw’D Mix)” shows an overwhelming attitude, which is also kept in the other two productions, representing the scenery of an unstoppable and alienating daily life. The EP will be hosted soon on Fjaak’s label CROWD on both digital and vinyl formats.

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Booka Shade ‘Wild Life / So Dope’

Artist: Booka Shade
Title: Wild Life / So Dope
Label: Blaufield Music
Cat. #: BFMB129
Format: Digital
Release Date: 27th October 2023
1) Wild Life
2) So Dope

Blaufield Music bosses Booka Shade return to the label for two fresh productions on ‘Wild Life/So Dope’.

Continuing to craft new storylines within their renowned and illustrious career, having recently marked the project’s 20th Anniversary, iconic German duo Booka Shade and their stream of fresh productions continue to flow. Arriving on the back of another stellar America’s tour run, and with the return to clubs for the winter season already in full flow, the Blaufield Music bosses are back on the label with another pair of productions that have been road-tested to huge reactions across recent months with their latest two-tracker ‘Wild Life/So Dope’, once again showcasing fresh sides to their expansive sound.

A brooding and darker production to their usual output, the warping and slightly eerie ‘Wild Life’ is a production expertly showcasing the duo’s ability to craft iconic lead melodies and set them amongst impactful, contrasting elements for a late-night anthem. In contrast, ‘So Dope’ builds from crisp, slinking percussion and hooky vocal samples before launching into spiralling synths for another track made for big club moments.


Not so k ‘A World Without’

Artist: Not so k
Title: A World Without
Label: Traum
Cat. #: Traum V289
Release Date: 17. November 2023
1. Like Velvet
2. A World Without
3. 63 Voices

Not for k’s debut release on TRAUM!

Here we are releasing the very first EP of British musician Not so k. He debuted on Traum with his single track “Beyond” on Tour De Traum 25 in July. The artist is fortunate to live a creative life working as a music producer + mixing / mastering engineer at a studio in London while on the weekends he develops his own music. Since he works on diverse genres of music at work this has become an inspiration also for his own project. After writing harder electronic genres such as dubstep & drum and bass in the past, he feels that he has now arrived at a point where his emotions are expressed in the most honest way.

The EP kicks off with “Like Velvet” which shows a very strong introspective feeling on a very high emotional and intense level. Its is a track that because of its limited number of well selected sounds creates a strong mood which gets under your skin. Partly gloomy with glimpses of optimism we think this track will touch peoples hearts.

“A World Without” delivers twisted mesmerizing emotional melodic landscapes which unwind like the DNA of the artist. These fractured and progressing melodies connect to the listener in a magic way. This track at one stage enters a dreamlike state which is sad and optimistic at the same time before dropping back into the clash of mood swinging sounds. A shout out to all our fans that like the works of Nick Dow on Traum… you will find the music of Not so k equally breathtaking!

The last track “63 Voices” is the most ambient track with organ sounds filling up the air. It offers in the course its progression also parts to dance to. The track is without doubt very lively and feels as if it runs through decades of memories at the speed of light. Sometimes self examining but always in a very colorful and cheerful way.


Wlderz ‘Space Machine EP’

Title: Space Machine EP
Label: Skryptom
Cat. #: Skryptom81
Format: Digital
Release Date: 27.10.2023
1. Space Machine
2. Fuck Siren
3. Disconnected
4. Hungry Mama
5. A.C.1

Wlderz duo return on Skryptom with a full release under the title ‘Space Machine EP’. A profound edonism is spread by the whole sound, which shapes the music with flexibility and pleasure, representing another step forward to the evolution of techno. While being faithful to their style, the artists introduced new contaminations, taping into unexplored lands and soundscapes. “Disconnected” and “A.C.1” emerge from the tracklist, sharing genuine and contemporary styles, so much oriented to the dancefloor and to warehouse ambiances.

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Dam Swindle ‘Minor Fools EP’

Artist: Dam Swindle
Title: Minor Fools EP
Label: Heist Recordings
Cat. #: HEIST077
Format: Digital / Vinyl
Release Date: 20th October 2023
1. That’s Right
2. Minor Fools
3. Soul’s Lament

Iconic duo Dam Swindle return to Heist with their three-track ‘Minor Fools’ EP.

Last year, Heist Recordings label heads Dam Swindle marked ten years in the game with their much loved ‘Keep On Swindling’ series. It was yet another vital project from this ever-evolving pair, which showed they can do leftfield electronics as well as floor-filling house grooves. Now, they head back to the club with three expansive and colourful new cuts.

Opener ‘That’s Right’ has Dam Swindle in full live mode and recalling their classic ‘Call of the Wild’ feat. Jungle by Night with its live keys, bass, and percussion, plus horns from trumpet guru Bo Floor. It’s a heartwarming piece of music that takes you on an electrifying, feel-good trip through Dam Swindle‘s unique sonic universe. The superb ‘Minor Fools’ then finds the pair in old-school US house territories with shuffling hats, a bouncy bass, and male vocal chops laying the foundation for some crunchy jazz chords. The haunting organ melodies, smart modulation in the keys and building tension make for another effective yet sophisticated house sound.

‘Minor Fools EP’ ends with a different look – the dreamy and contemplative ‘Soul’s Lament,’ a slow burner that builds on a relentless rhythm of bells and skipping hi-hats. Gradually, a massive string section takes control, after which an acid line takes over that gives the track its driving electronic touch.


Elisa Bee ‘Devotion EP’

Artist: Elisa Bee
Title: Devotion EP
Label: Hardgroove
Cat. #: HardgrooveDigi024
Format: Digital
Release Date: 20th October 2023
01 Elisa Bee – Devotion
02 Elisa Bee – Jam Thing
03 Elisa Bee – Boiling Point
04 Elisa Bee – Dawn Time
05 Elisa Bee & His Majesty Andre – The Answer

Elisa Bee returns to Ben Sims’ Hardgroove with the ‘Devotion’ EP.

Following Elisa Bee’s 2022 ‘Send Me a Vision’ EP, the Italian DJ/Producer returns to Ben Sims’ prized Hardgroove imprint with the five-track ‘Devotion’ EP this October.

A true master of rhythm, Elisa Bee takes no prisoners in ‘Devotion’, always riding the groove effortlessly and lacing her techno with classic-sounding yet refreshing funk. Machine-like modular bleeps run rampant in ‘Jam Thing’ with the pacey and uncompromising ‘Boiling Point’ hot on its heels. Next up, the dubbed-out sequences of ‘Dawn Time’ reflect off subtle percussion hits before she teams up with His Majesty Andre to deliver ‘The Answer’, a retro techno offering made to get the dancefloor bouncing.