Steffi ‘The Red Hunter’

Artist: Steffi
Title: The Red Hunter
Label: Candy Mountain
Cat. #: CaMo001
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: October 24th 2022
1. Irreversible Cessation
2. Alternation Of High And Low
3. Primary Chaos
4. North Facing Shade
5. The Red Hunter
6. Tragedy Turns To Comedy
7. Agent Of Change
8. Individuals From All Walks
9. South Facing Brightness
10. Lasting Lovers

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Ostgut Ton’s queen Steffi sets another milestone in her musical journey with the publication of a studio album, recently hosted on the brand new label project Candy Mountain run with Virginia: ‘The Red Hunter’ goes into the realms of exploration mixing broken beats with smooth electronica and warehouse booming sounds. Through this track selection it seems the artist celebrates the beginning of a methamorphosis, out of the ordinary course of nature. It would be amazing to listen in the next months these productions even introduced with tricks by sorcery in many dj sets.

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