Steffi ‘The Red Hunter (Remixes)’

Artist: Steffi
Title: The Red Hunter (Remixes)
Label: Candy Mountain
Cat. #: camo003
Format: Digital
Release Date: 8.12.2023
1. Irreversible Cessation (Convextion Remix)
2. Alternation Of High And Low (Violet Remix)
3. Primary Chaos (DJ Agitated Remix)
4. North Facing Shade (Tracing Xircles Remix)
5. The Red Hunter (Barker Remix)
6. Tragedy Turns To Comedy (214 Remix)
7. Agent Of Change (Doc Sleep Remix)
8. Individuals From All Walks (Rosati Remix)
9. South Facing Brightness (JakoJako Remix)

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Steffi collects a set of 9 interesting remixes one year after the successful publication of ‘The Red Hunter’, to be shared soon as extended versions to the electronic music audience. The whole package follows the attitude of the previous album, bringing under the spotlight the experimental side of the originals, where electronica is melt with large and booming sounds. Also, an underground and obscure sensation is aroused during the playback: this happens especially during the playback of the Tracing Xircles (Blue Hour & A-JX) and Barker remixes, giving the feeling to reflect unconsciously the mystical atmosphere of Berlin.

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