Clan Brude, Hogchoker ‘Clan Brude Versus Hogchoker’

Artist: Clan Brude, Hogchoker
Title: Clan Brude Versus Hogchoker
Format: Digital
Release Date: 29.03.2024
1. Fading Away
2. This Life

Clan Brude and Hogchoker join forces to present a new collaborative Progressive House EP titled ‘Clan Brude Versus Hogchoker’; including two mesmerising tracks, the production seamlessly blends Clan Brude’s powerful signature style with the enchanting sound of Hogchoker, resulting in a listening experience that is as surprising as it is impressive. As it offers listeners soundscapes driven by thumping beats, shuffled rhythms, and bold basslines, ‘Clan Brude Versus Hogchoker’ incorporates the distinctive, worldly sounds of the Shanghai-based band Hogchoker, presenting listeners with an EP that is sure to capture attention.

A Producer known for his innovative and inventive creativity, this newest release from Clan Brude certainly places his originality at the forefront, bringing a unique sound and refreshing energy to the Electronic Music scene. Hogchoker themselves have developed a style that stands out, taking inspiration from an array of genres like Jazz, Ska and Punk to establish themselves as a distinct and powerful force on the Asian music scene. As they come together with Clan Brude for this thrilling new production, Hogchoker certainly add to the colour and vibrancy of the release, introducing live instrumentation to the bold beats and synth lines of Clan Brude’s signature style.

With the track ‘Fading Away’, Clan Brude makes sure his usual hard-hitting sound shines through, weaving together a soundscape of thumping beats, driving basslines, and compelling synths. As the groovy sound of Hogchoker layers into the mix, adding funky, melodic elements to the production, ‘Fading Away’ delivers an original sonic experience, one sure to leave an impression on listeners.

The track, ‘This Life’, presents just as an exciting sonic journey, offering a production driven by a bold bassline, shuffled rhythms, and a mesmerising layer of textures delivered by the instrumentation of Hogchoker. With a sound that is both moving and full-bodied, ‘This Life’ maintains the unique and inspiring energy of the EP, taking the listening experience to even more enthralling realms of sonic ingenuity and originality.

An EP that shows Clan Brude’s confidence to push the boundaries of Electronic Music, as he invites a live band to join the mix, ‘Clan Brude Versus Hogchoker’ is a must-listen auditory experience for any genre lover looking to discover the most fresh and novel sounds currently on offer. So, stay tuned as Clan Brude continues to deliver the unexpected, making sure to follow him across social media to remain up-to-date with his upcoming projects and releases. ‘Clan Brude Versus Hogchoker’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms.

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