Jazzuelle ‘Rogue’

Artist: Jazzuelle
Title: Rogue
Label: Stay True Sounds
Format: Digital
Release Date: June 26th 2020
1. Jazzuelle – Chaos Theory (Compositions Of Now)
2. Jazzuelle – Catching Fire
3. Jazzuelle – Convergence
4. Jazuelle ft. KVRVBO – Talking Walls
5. Jazzuelle ft. Simeon – The Last Dance
6. Jazzuelle ft. Chronical Deep – Delusions Of Grandeur
7. Jazzuelle ft. Tebza De Soul – Sapphire
8. Jazzuelle ft. Dwson – Dyson Sphere
9. Jazzuelle ft. Simeon – Syzygy
10. Jazzuelle ft. Jas Artchild – Genius Frequency
11. Jazzuelle ft. Zito Mowa – Bees Are Left Handed
12. Jazzuelle ft. Sand Isles – X Files

Pre order link: https://staytruesounds.bandcamp.com/album/rogue

The South African label Stay True Sounds makes another successful publication, this time that’s Jazzuelle who gets released with a nice album titled ‘Rogue’. This composition is in line with the label’s stylistic set, proposing a fascinating blend of house, deep house and tribal sonorities.
Aside the solo compositions, there are also many features and collaborations from third party artists, who contributed to enhance the potential of each song, gifting a little part of their way to interpret house music.
‘Rogue’ is available now in digital format in all the major e-shops.

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