Maccari ‘Deep Convolution’

Artist: Maccari
Title: Deep Convolution
Label: Mind Medizin
Cat. #: MDZN015
Format: Digital
Release Date: 8th September 2023
01 Deep Convolution
02 Resurgence
03 Deep Convolution (Blasha & Allatt Remix)

Lady Tazz’s vital Mind Medizin label heads to Brazil and the talents of Maccari for this new EP, which also comes with a remix from the UK duo Blasha & Allatt.

Arthur Maccari is a fast-rising new school talent who has released on Liberta Records, Ovum Records and many more. His uncompromising style has taken him onto the international stage, and now he is making another big step up on the increasingly high-profile Mind Medizin.

The excellent EP opens with ‘Deep Convolution’, a tightly woven and heavily percussive groove with fluttering toms and glitchy claps peeling off the slick, high-speed groove. It’s perfectly linear and detailed with edgy synth motifs that bring an alluring atmosphere. Maccari shows another side to his sound on ‘Resurgence’, a more roughed-up bleep-techno monster. The drums never quit, and the synths grow ever more manic as dark voices and thumping drums constantly turn up the pressure.

Remixers Blasha & Allatt are co-founders and residents of the influential Meat Free parties, famously wild techno raves. Their sounds draw from that energy, as shown here when they flip ‘Deep Convolution’ into a more loose and futuristic techno soundscape. It has molten future synths and a jumble of restless percussion that cannot fail to loosen up the floor and lock it in for takeoff.

Maccari’s ‘Deep Convolution’ is another dark and seductive techno EP from the always kinky Mind Medizin crew.