Martyn Playfrd ‘Saturn’

Artist: Martyn Playfrd
Title: Saturn
Label: Trapez
Cat. #: Trapez 262
Release Date: 27 October 2023

Martyn Playfrd’s next techno EP!

Martyn Playfrd’s new 5 track ep kicks off with “Resistance”, a track that is clad in the mystic world of sonar system sound aesthetics. The continuum of a strong forward motion with beats is relentless and merciless. This techno for the floor a 100%.

“Planet 1” compared to the opening track is cool slacker piece of techno. The beats show a nice polyrhythmic groove where dragging percussion can create a fantastic funk, which they do here. Important to say the track is in full motion when suddenly the gears are down shifted and it becomes a different track. A break follows to our surprise which throws in a bit of “Stravinsky” and now we know this is a “far out track” with an experiential nature, something we have not heard from Martyn so much in the past. Is it good? We definitely think so!

The title track of the ep “Saturn” directly builds up tension from the first second to dive into a hypnotic state of techno galore. This track puts a strangle hold on you and gets you going, the break here is another surprise and has some early Alan Parsons/ Pink Floyd flavor, but before you can become aware of it it is gone and back to techno. What a journey!

“Communication Blackout” is one of these morse code piece of techno music, all ghostly and dark and foggy. There is a community out there who are waiting exactly for this track.

The last track of this 5 track ep is called “Bias” and opens up with what we call a proper kick drum. The track is also a slaker track but involves some noisy video game sounds. This sounds a bit like early Chicago house from K-Alexi to Lil Louis with open rim shots and Pac Man sounds dominating the track.