Marco Bailey ‘Surreal Stage’

Artist: Marco Bailey
Title: Surreal Stage
Label: Materia
Format: vinyl, digital
Release Date: December 10th, 2021
1. Surreal Stage
2. Nuri
3. Xytrik
4. Brenton
5. Dart
6. Insert
7. Unconstrained Move
8. Lhasa
9. Grow Silently
10. For The Love of The Bassline
11. Days of Yore
12. Globe
13. The Invisible Fog
14. June
15. The Black Pearl

After four years Marco Bailey returns with a brand new album to be out soon on his label Materia. The set of tracks featured in ‘Surreal Stage’ provide a dark and outdated vision of techno, acid and similar subgenres, anyway the most trained techno heads will recognize sound structures and patterns typical of records created more than 15 years ago. The sound setups are easy and with a good performance, without too much post production the music becomes lighter and more appreciable. This album is definitely oriented for the dancefloor, in fact except the first and the last two songs all the other are focused on 4/4 rhythms.

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