Discovering Meetch: a Boundary-Pushing DJ and music Producer

The vibrant and electrifyingly energetic world of Producer and DJ Meetch is captivating audiences across the globe; as he pushes boundaries and delivers striking live performances, Meetch appears as a refreshing addition to the ever-changing landscape of Electronic Dance Music. A rising star within the genre, this talented DJ and Producer shines bright, making his mark as he continues conquering stages and releasing hard-hitting productions. No stranger to the scene, there is no doubt that Meetch will keep building a momentum that will propel him even further to the forefront of the genre, cementing his name high on the list of top innovative DJs and Producers within Electronic Music today.

From a young age, Meetch became curious about music, exploring his passion and delving into the exciting landscape to discover different genres and forms of creative expression. As he grew up, Meetch found an outlet for his enthusiastic creativity, performing in bands and later branching out as a DJ and Performer. Hailing originally from New York, a city known for its vibrantly colourful nightlife scene, Meetch absorbed the city’s exciting club energy to curate a distinctive live persona that has taken him to perform with some of the top names within Electronic Music like Skrillex, Deorro and 12th Planet. After over a decade of performing across stages in the USA, Meetch has developed a magnetic stage presence that continues to capture and demand attention, radiating joy and high-octane energy Meetch ensures his performances are unlike any other within the genre. With such a charismatic performance style, it is not surprising that the talented DJ has found himself taking to the stage of many iconic venues across America, like the legendary New York spots of Pacha and Stage 48, to name just a couple. As he exhilarates crowds with his seamlessly blended mixes and anthemic-sounding sets, Meetch brings a uniquely mesmerising vibe, consistently delivering pulse-racing sonic experiences to his audiences. His dynamic, bold, and sonically surprising performances showcase a masterful command of the decks that set this skilled DJ apart from his peers; as he keeps raising the bar, Meetch presents an unwavering passion for his art and a devoted commitment to bringing innovative and fresh sounds to his listeners.

Meetch’s signature live mixing style explores multiple genres, presenting ground-breaking productions from established Artists and rising talent; as a true trailblazing tastemaker, Meetch promises exciting and fresh listens with every live performance. As he continues to deliver unique listening experiences, Meetch shows an innate ability to read crowds, presenting carefully curated sets that never fail to get the dancefloor moving. Poised to continue carving out his path within Electronic Music, Meetch’s name is one to follow closely as his musical journey is only just beginning.

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