With his latest track ‘Supernova’ captivating the Electronic Dance music scene, we had the opportunity to sit down with skillful DJ and Producer Cody Chase to uncover the intricate layers of the production process for this track. From the pulsating beats to the interstellar inspirations, get ready to dive deep into the world of ‘Supernova’ and gain a firsthand understanding of how Cody Chase crafts his unique sound. Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind the music in this exclusive interview.

Hello Cody, how are you doing?

I am doing fantastic! Just had my first kid, a boy named Kade. He and wifey are happy and healthy so life is great!

So ‘Slinger’ is finally out now, what was your inspiration behind the creation of this track and how did you conceptualize it?

My boys and I always say that I ‘sling’ some of the best Techno that they’ve ever heard. I figured what better way to memorialize that sentiment then put together a Techno track that just ‘slings’ it. in my opinion good Techno isn’t always just go go, sometimes you have to add a little soul. ‘Slinger’ is a great combination of soul and slay.

Can you walk us through your creative process when producing ‘Slinger’? How did you approach building the different elements together?

Being the bassline addict that I am, my productions always start with the kick and bass. When you’re at a show you got to have your chest rumbled. Once I like the bass and the kick, I put in some surrounding drums to make sure that there is a solid rhythm. Once the underside of the track is complete, I start adding in some synth and FX to round-out the sound.

‘Slinger’ has a powerful and groovy beat that sets the tone for the track. How did you go about creating the infectious rhythm and ensuring its impact on the listeners?

A good Techno track always starts with a 4 on the floor. Next, I add in some hats and perks to get a groove going. My biggest indicator of something that I like is when the beat start making me move, LOL 😊

The drop in ‘Slinger’ is particularly intense and energetic, how did you craft the build-up and create the explosive release that captivates the audience?

The explosiveness comes prior to the drop. Those funky synth elements really create a tremendous contrast, so when the drop hits, it slaps.

The use of atmospheric pads and cinematic elements surely adds depth to ‘Slinger’, can you tell us more about your approach to incorporating these elements and creating a dynamic soundscape?

Music theory has never been a strong suit of mine. But I am lucky enough to know, when something sounds good, it sounds good. Pads and cinematic elements certainly take me the longest in my productions, so as long as I don’t rush them or get frustrated while making them, they usually turn out pretty good.

How did you design and shape the basslines in the track to achieve the desired impact and energy?

 I used my favorite main tool, Serum to develop the basslines. Admittedly, while I start with a preset, by the end of my production session, it has been tweaked so vastly, that it becomes an entirely unique sound all of its own.

The breakdown in ‘Slinger’ introduces a groovy element with the bass line, how did you come up with this idea, and what effect were you aiming to achieve with this section?

I built the drums first, and once I had come up with the percussion grooves, it made it clear how the bassline should sound. So, from that point, I programmed in and tested some bassline patterns and came out with this one as my favorite.

How did you ensure the energy remained consistent in the track, and how did you make strategic choices to keep the party atmosphere going?

Making sure that transition through each new element of the track and adding and removing different elements subtly was the key to achieving this effect. For example, in the breaks I drop out a lot of the drums but I bring in atmospheric elements and the saxophone to keep the energy high.

What were some of the technical challenges you faced during the production process of ‘Slinger’, and how did you overcome them?

Due to the song being quite complex with lots going on, it was a huge challenge keeping all the elements in their own space and maintaining clarity in the mix. I use a combination of analysis tools such as Ozone 9 and SPAN to look at the frequency responses in different regions of the mix to see where I can improve things.

How does this track represent your overall artistic vision, and what message or emotion are you hoping to convey to your audience through it?

I wanted ‘Slinger’ to be able to convey that great Techno can punch you in the face but also cradle your soul. A little fire and a little ice.  A little hard and a little soft. ‘Slinger’ is a great amalgamation of the Cody Chase sound.

And with that, we conclude our conversation with Cody Chase, delving deep into the production process behind ‘Supernova’ and the creative essence that fuels his music. Cody’s insights have shed light on the meticulous crafting of beats, and the fusion of elements that creates this pulsating track. We thank Cody for sharing his thoughts and processes, offering us a glimpse into his world of music.

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